Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Morning

I hate blogging every day because I feel like my life is NOT that exciting and I certainly don't have anything profound to say every day. But, it's easier to keep in the habit this way and I think people are more likely to read blogs that are regularily updated!

Yesterday Geoff and I met at BW3s during lunch. He called me before lunch and was like "what should I do for lunch?" and I got the sense that he really wanted to get out, so I mentioned BW3s. Plus, we have a bunch of giftcards there from a promotion we did where you buy $25 of gift cards and get $5 free. After lunch, we went to Macy's and walked around for a while, mostly admiring kitchen stuff. For some reason we are both big fans of kitchen stuff. We looked at the Wusthof knives to think about what I should get to fill the last two slots on my knife block (besides the two steak knife slots). We decided the 8" carver and a cheese knife would be lovely additions to my collection. There are lots of cheese knifes that they have, so not really sure which one yet! He was looking at a decanter, and I mentioned that my grandparents have a whole beautiful set of decanters that I might be able to have. He said that would be GREAT!! So I emailed my mom and asked her if she might be able to get those for me (they are likely going to be moving out of their house very soon, so they will be getting rid of a lot of their things). I'm REALLY excited about this because I'm looking forward to having something of theirs in my house that I can display and remember them with, and this is the perfect item. I was happy that Geoff was excited about it too. I also showed him my mom's Christmas china and white china sets. Geoff really wants a KitchenAid mixer and an ice cream maker at some point, so we looked at those too. It's just fun to look at kitchen stuff!

After work, we were going to meet at the pool to swim... he wasn't there when I got there, so I just started my workout. I got madder and madder (and a little worried) as my workout went on and he wasn't there. I got home and he said that he wasn't able to find any of his swimsuits - he probably left them on the cruise! But what he had done was rearrange all of the cars to put his Bronco in the garage so we could clean it out and get it ready to sell! I was a little upset, because he hadn't even left me a voicemail or anything, but we got all of the junk out (and there was a lot!) and then took it to the car wash and vacuumed it all out and used special car Oxyclean (the garage is like a small auto supply store, that's what happens when Geoff manages an auto supply store...). It is pretty now. Not *quite* as pretty as the Tahoe, but close! :) I had to start TWO loads of laundry for all of the random clothes and towels and things Geoff had in that car. Eric has a friend who has expressed interest in buying it, so Geoff is going to follow up on that lead today. I'm going to go home for lunch and take pictures of it also so we can get an ad up on Craigslist. Hopefully it will sell quickly so we can take it out of the garage and put the Jeep and Tahoe back in there.

So after all of the Bronco fun, Geoff cooked burgers for us again - YUM. He wasn't very hungry, but I was starving! They were so good, as always. And I did the grilling again! He is trying to make a grill master out of me. So we enjoyed the burgers and he read an article while I folded some laundry. Then we installed the new Quicken 2007 that I got as part of my Turbo Tax deal on his computer (I already had Quicken 2006 so I wasn't desperate for an upgrade by any means). I showed him how to use it and he was super excited about it. He HATES budgeting but Quicken certainly makes it a little more fun! One of his memories of his dad (his dad passed away 7 years ago) is of him using Quicken - before there were fancy speakers on computers, so it just made that little computer *DING* when he updated transactions. So that was pretty fun to get that all set up for him. Trevor came home while we were working on it and could not figure out why we were having so much fun doing budget stuff. I think I'm rubbing off on Geoff. ;-)

Tonight I'm going to my BodyWorks class at the gym, then home for a shower and a quick dinner... then we're headed to the Portland Auto Show with his friend Peder. I'm looking forward to it! Before that we'll stop by his parent's house to see the current progress on their kitchen (if I haven't mentioned it, they're redoing it). Should be another good day!

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marisa said...

every month, scott and i have a special "budget" date where we sit down for literally three hours and go over all of our spending for the last month and create the budget for that month. and i must confess that i love every second of it.