Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Link Obsession - and lack of commenting!

You know what's sad? I have actually started getting excited about things that happen in my day that I can link to. For example, after the gym yesterday I came home and showered and then went to trivia at the Bridgeport Brewery downtown. It was fun... there were enough of us in my "friend circle" that were there that we had to split into 2 teams (max 6 on a team), so Kristie, Lee, and I ended up on a seperate team (team name: Jumping Ship... isn't that creative?). Then the quizmaster, Polly, announced that that somebody needed a team to play with and raise your hand if you needed a new team member. So we did because the more the merrier, and this dude named John came over and played with us. He seemed to want to cheat - he was yelling out the answers, and trying to trade answers with other teams, and busted out an atlas! We yelled at him and it was okay. He definitely knew a few things we wouldn't have otherwise known, so that was cool. He was definitely interesting!

On the way home, I was using my steering wheel radio controls to switch between my preset radio stations. I thought the button wasn't working because I kept hearing a commercial from the Shane Company. I then started pressing the buttons on the actual console, and sure enough, it was on 105.1, 100.3, and 104.1 all at the same time (and these are presets 2, 3, and 4 in my car!) WEIRD!!!

Ugh, I just had breakfast and I'm SO full! Speaking of food, remember all that food we bought from Costco last week? Well Sunday night I made Geoff a HUGE chicken salad to take to work Monday - and he forgot it (after I left him a big note and called to remind him). UGH!!! I wasn't so upset about that part... more upset that he sent a text message to me (intended for one of the guys) saying "don't remind me... I'm going to hear about it when I get home". Pay attention to who you send your texts to, honey! :) Anyway, he explained that it was kinda a joking thing between guys... I can actually believe that. So then yesterday, I send him THREE text messages before he leaves for work to remind him. He forgets again. Turns out his boss had also left his lunch at home, so they were talking about that... and then the boss found out that Geoff had left his lunch at home twice in a row. His boss was like "ya gotta do better than that!!" :) Very funny. Anyway, I just got a text message from Geoff saying "I remembered my lunch!" Good kid. :)

Geoff also just called to try to persuade me to go to the boat show with him tomorrow night. He was successful - it sounds really fun! He is trying to pursue me better (yay) and he said "we could make a date of it and go to dinner somewhere in Jantzen Beach, like BJ's. I love the date idea and I've never been to BJ's. The only problem is I have a class at the gym until 5:30 tomorrow night, so I told him tonight might be better because I am swimming and usually done by about 5. So we might go see his parents tomorrow night instead of tonight and go to the boat show tonight. Fun! I am so excited that he came up with a creative date idea all on his own.

And seriously people, I know at least a couple of you have been reading, and NO ONE COMMENTS! That is the whole reason to have a blog! All of these other people who's blogs I read have like 15 comments per post, and I feel sad. So comment away.


Anonymous said...

ay they have shane co in AZ too and their commercials are on the radio alll the time. they are annoying

MoodSwingSet said...

Well, it takes a while for everyone to awaken to the fact that you're blogging again. Also, is Panera open yet?