Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A little more to say (or copy/paste)

So after I finished my blog, I read Matt Singley's blog, which covered both Beaverton school districts, and people from the Midwest. Too funny (and his point about the Midwest is probably true)!

From Matt's blog:
"Let me take a moment to publically criticize our public school leaders for the Beaverton School District: it took those morons (IMHO) until 8:35am to cancel school...a full hour after it was supposed to start. Practically every other distric closed, but no...the uber-geniuses at Beaverton School District stubbornly refused, and as a result many people were inconvenienced at best, endangered at worst. Beaverton, let me ask you...what is wrong with you? Idiots! (Again, in my humble opinion.) As I'm typing this I'm hearing a report on the local news that many kids that go to Beaverton Schools are STUCK at bus stops because their parents dropped them off and went to work. Beaverton School District leaders: you flippin' suck (again, in my opinion). If one of my kids was one of those that was stuck I would be freaking out on you, not just typing about it. Idiots! (In my opinion). Maureen Wheeler from Beaverton School District is on the phone on KPTV right now trying to spin this thing. Shut up! Just say you made a mistake and apoligize, quit trying to cover your tracks.

To you folks from the mid-West that are laughing at everybody right now because the whole city shuts down with just a few inches of snow...keep in mind that we live on hills and mountains! That's one of the major differences. It's harder to drive up a hill with 3" of snow than it is to drive on the flat roads with 5". Also, know that we (as a city and state) do practically nothing to help the roads other than throw out some de-icer and some gravel. "

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Matt Singley said...

:) Thanks for the copy/paste. And yes, 24 was sooooo sweet last night.

Enjoy the snow!