Friday, January 05, 2007

Highlights of 2006

Oh, and now I'm going to steal from Carrie's idea to post the highlights of 2006, in no particular order! (except maybe slightly chronologically)

- Running my first 10K in February
- Running my first half marathon in June
- Running Hood to Coast in August
- Visiting my sister in Spain!
- Getting to go to Brussels and Chicago (if only for a few hours) on the way back
- Birthday parties in February
- Meeting and starting to date Geoff
- Visiting Christine and Abel in Iowa
- Going to Vegas with Katie, Carrie, and Stacey
- Going camping a lot
- My mom coming to visit in July
- Spending lots of time on Geoff's family's boat!
- Going wine tasting, lots, especially with Geoff and his mom for Memorial Day and Thanksgiving
- Buying a new Tahoe
- Getting to meet ALL of Geoff's family for his brother's graduation
- Dave Matthews at the Gorge for Labor Day
- Going to Dallas and Houston for Christmas!

The parents (my Aunt Julie and Uncle Arlen, my mom and dad, my Aunt List and Uncle Jeff).
Julie, my mom, and Jeff are all my grandparent's kids.
The cousins at my Aunt Lisa's house on Christmas!
Katelyn, Alex, Rebecca, Christine, Andrew, me, and Rebecca

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