Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday, happy day

So Tuesday after work we went to Costco as mentioned... I love the Costco. We bought about 6 pounds of hamburger (I split it up into 8 baggies and froze it), 4 ribeyes, a big thing of taco seasoning, a big bag of chocolate chips, spaghetti sauce, dishwashing liquid, and paper towels. YAY! Then we went home to watch Studio 60 from the night before. Good show! We decided to not go to trivia since none of our close friends were going and we both REALLY wanted a steak. So we grilled up a steak and just hung out.

Wednesday I was SUPER crabby - not sure why, but it was not my day. So after work I didn't go swim (that was actually a poor choice, because swimming usually helps make me less crabby... but I did go for a walk which helped a lot) and just went home and hung out with Geoff. We actually had a lot of fun. We both had our computers and there was a Woot-Off going on that night (it's part of, they sell stuff quickly and they have occasional bags of Random Crap which could be anything from socks to an XBox360 for a dollar). Geoff and I have a lot of fun together when there are Woot-Offs (this was our second) so we just stayed at home and enjoyed that. It's hard to explain and yes I realize how lame that sounds, but it honestly was really fun.

Thursday I hit the gym after work and then went to PF Changs for Katie's birthday party. Yum, I had mongolian beef which was probably my favorite thing I've ever had there (never had it before). After that I went home, took the trash out (Geoff helped a lot!), and then watched Grey's with Geoff. Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of Geoff's dad's death, so he went skiing all day and then to BW3s with his mom and stepdad. I had told him that I would go skiing with him, but he wanted to be alone which was totally cool. I also told Katie that I might not be able to make her party if something came up, but he said he wanted me to go have fun. So he had dinner with his parents which was cool.

As an aside... my roommate (Trevor) was telling me about some new slippers he had that cost $50. I was like "What the heck?!" And he was like "well, I wanted some slippers because the pergo downstairs is cold, and these were the only ones I liked. I was surprised when the person told me how much they cost, but I bought them anyway because I liked them so much!" He got them out to show them to me... turns out they are Ugg slippers!! Too funny. He had no idea... and there was me, thinking only Paris Hilton and college sorority girls wore Uggs. Love it!

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