Friday, February 23, 2007

Is pink the new red?

So Wednesday after work I went home and unpacked. Then when Geoff got home we headed out and went to the Bike Gallery to get a bike pump and a new tube for Geoff's bike. It has been broken since oh, approximately NOVEMBER!! Then we went to Best Buy to look at camera bags, which I deemed too expensive. I usually consider most things at Best Buy too expensive. To me, it's mostly a place to go and look and write down model numbers, then go home and purchase online! Then we went to Staples to look at the XD cards they had on sale for $15. What do you know, they were out of stock! Surprise, surprise. You can't find them that cheap anywhere, including online! So we went to Costco and got a compact flash card (which also fits in Geoff's camera) for $30 cheaper than the price at Staples or Best Buy. AND I found a coupon for them for $15 off which starts next week at Costco, so we'll go back and try to apply that coupon. YEAH. Then we went to TGI Fridays and both got their appetizer, dinner, and dessert special for $12.99. Don't recommend that! The appetizers and dinners were okay but desserts were not so much. We both took home half of our meals to have for lunch the next day. When we got home we watched 24 from Monday night. Fun!

Last night when I got home, Geoff was already there and fixing his bike. I was CRABBY - I needed to go for a long bike ride and not talk to anyone! So I took the trash and recycling out, checked the mail, and then grabbed my bike. Couple of exciting things in the mail: a 10% off any digital camera at Best Buy coupon, Sports Illustrated for Geoff, and a late birthday present for me! Geoff was done with his bike by that point so he left with me on my ride - we headed for Cedar Hills, an area about 5 miles away from me. About 3 miles into it, Geoff realized how flat my tires were - I didn't realize that when you have flatter tires it's harder to ride! So we stopped off at Vinnie's house, which is only about half a mile out of the way, and aired up. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I will always check my tires before I ride now! So we got to Cedar Hills and ate at Bugatti's - YUM!! I had a BLTA sandwich and it was really really tasty! It totally hit the spot. Then we went over to Best Buy and looked at cameras - I used some birthday money to buy one that was on sale and I had they coupon for - YAY. It's cute and pink. :) (the box says it's "red"... Geoff and I think that's the funniest thing ever... it's soooo pink!) Maybe they just call it red so that men will buy it too?!?! But I think they'd regret it if they did! The guy at the store said they sold a TON of them for Valentine's Day. So that was exciting. Then we biked home - Geoff led this time because he forgot his bike light - I have a front and rear light and the rear light is screwed on but the front is removable - so he put it on his bike and led us along. HE RODE FAST. It took us probably 30 - 35 minutes to ride there (hard to say because of our stop) and less than 25 minutes to ride back. It was good though. Then we finished up his taxes and watched Grey's Anatomy. YAY fun fun night. And the ride DEFINITELY helped my crabbiness!

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