Friday, February 16, 2007

Work is slow!

Work is going by sooo slowly, I am ready to leave and head down to Bend! I did just get back from my birthday lunch at Chevy's, that was fun! I'm really ready to go though.

So last night I went to the gym with Cindy and Addy - Cindy's super sore today! It is cracking me up! After that I went home, took a shower, and watched 30 Minute Meals while I packed. Then at 7 I went to Vin's house to go pick up his snowshoes for Geoff to use, then ran by REI to get a new bite valve for my Camelbak. Then I went home, had a little dinner, and waited for a fellow who was going to come over and look at the Bronco. I had a bad feeling that Geoff was going to be late - I told the guy to come over at 8:30, but you know how it is. Anyway, the guy showed up at 8:23... and so he started looking at the Bronco (which I know nothing about) and I was waiting and waiting and waiting for Geoff. I went in to call him and he said he was running late, but on his way home. When I went back outside, the guy was smoking a cigarette! Anyway, Geoff showed up around 8:50 (after almost 30 minutes with the scary man!). The guy took it for a test drive (the headlights wouldn't work at first, but they finally did) and then made an offer which Geoff accepted. So he sold the Bronco! I'm so excited, it will be nice to have it gone, be able to cancel the insurance, and not have to worry about it anymore. YEAH!

After that Geoff went to BW3s to get some wings and then we went back home and watched Grey's. I love that show. After that we got the Tahoe all packed up. I decided to just take a big plastic bin for all of our snow stuff... easier than packing it all up. I threw both of our pairs of hiking boots in there, my snowshoes, both sets of ski pants, masks, gloves, hats, scarves, etc. Everything except our coats fit. I thought Geoff would make fun (he usually does of my obsession with bins), but he said he actually appreciates it, because I'm always so organized and we know where everything is. I love the bin! It is jammed full... I think on the way back I may take the snowshoes out. But that’s okay. Geoff did find one think to make fun of me with – when he was packing for his cruise he was thinking he was gonna have to sit on his suitcase to close it and I said “no no, we don’t sit on suitcases, if you do you packed wrong”. But last night I put my knee on the bin to close it and he said “oh, so we don’t sit on suitcases, but we do put our knee on bins?!?!” It was REALLY funny. But maybe you had to be there. Also, I put in my daypack... Geoff had never seen my daypack before, he loved it! He was like "wow, this is really nice!" He usually doesn't love my things, so that was fun. It really IS a nice pack... it made a huge difference in my hiking once I bought it. It's the only North Face item I've ever owned. We're going to put the Camelbak in it and take it skiing. So we got the bin packed up, both of our duffel bags with clothes and stuff, my gym bag, and my giant box of the 4 vases of flowers (I put a blanket in there so they wouldn't move around). That was upstairs. Then downstairs we grabbed his skis, our winter coats, and a couple of other things, plus got a cooler ready (just needs ice) and loaded up the Tahoe. We are good to go for right after work today! We're both hoping to leave by 2:30, but we'll see. I'm guessing at least one of us will get stuck at work until at least 3. I checked out the road conditions and it looks REALLY clear out there (a little rainy), so we will definitely take the Santiam Pass. Good, I strongly prefer that route. Can't wait!

Side note: I remember when a guy I worked with had a splash guard for his Nalgene bottle, and I asked him where he got it. He said "REI" very casually and I acted like I knew what he was talking about. A few months later, I was in Seattle and saw REI and I was like "OH, there's that store, I better stop and get the splash guard!" I had no idea it was a giant national chain (well, sorta). They have all of 2 (1 at the time) in the whole state of Illinois. Now I'm just your average crunchy Oregon girl! Complete with REI membership.


marisa said...

i totally relate about the rei thing! i remember driving out a half hour to that rei down golf road and thinking it was the most amazing thing ever ... and now i live in denver where there are three rei's within twenty minutes and all sorts of other outdoorsy stores in between.

and, by the way, congrats on selling the bronco!

marisa said...

update - how was bend??