Monday, February 05, 2007

Good Weekend!

So the weekend was pretty fun. Saturday I slept in until around 9, then got up and watched some Food Network with Geoff. I think he's just excited that there's finally SOME TV I'll watch, so he'll watch whatever I want. It's quite funny. Around 10:45 we left for Chipotle to meet his mom and 2 cousins for lunch. However, they were running late, so we ended up meeting them at Muchas Gracias which is much closer to where Geoff works (he had to work at noon). I'm not a huge fan, so I declined eating. I then hung out with Geoff and his boss at work for a bit, then went home. Cleaned up a little bit but didn't do too much other than that. Actually I watched some TBS, they had Father of the Bride and Father of the Bride Part II on. At around 6, I did some Yoga Booty Ballet - I actually bought it about a year ago but had NEVER done it. It was pretty fun! (I had planned on a nice run and bike ride but it was raining so I skipped them). Geoff came home around 8:30 and we made steaks and watched Legally Blonde on TBS. Oh, and I showed him how to do his taxes with Turbo Tax - he's never done them on his own before so that was pretty fun!

Sunday morning I went up and went for a run - it was beautiful outside, and I ran 1.8 miles and walked some for 2.7 miles total. Once again, my furthest run yet. Plus it was outside which is just soooo much more fun. Then I went to church at Westport and then came home. At 2, Food Network started a Paula's Party marathon - that show is HILARIOUS. If you have never seen it, you should watch it! People started coming over for the Super Bowl but I just kept watching Paula. Geoff didn't get home until around 4 (he had a TERRIBLE day at work and was very grumpy!) and so then he watched the Super Bowl downstairs with everyone. Around 5 I was way bored and the TV was REALLY loud (I had a headache which is why I wasn't downstairs watching the Super Bowl with everyone), so I went to go see Catch and Release. I adore Jennifer Garner, but other than that it wasn't a great movie. But I love going to movies by myself so it was fun all the same. When I came home, the house was empty and quiet again, yay. (wow, I sound like quite the hermit this weekend!) Geoff, Trevor, and I watched another episode of Paula - Trevor could not believe her! She seriously is hilarious. Paula's Party is better than Paula's Home Cooking though. Then there was an episode of Iron Chef and then a wedding cake challenge. (side note: just noticed from someone's website that that was the 2005 wedding cake challenge. interesting.)

And that was the weekend. Pretty slow after Friday.

I'm going to Bend for my birthday weekend now for sure!! We're going Friday - Tuesday... nice long weekend and lots of skiing. YAY!

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