Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Sunday when the guys came home it was fun! Geoff was all cute and shmoopy, we hung out for a couple of hours and then decided to go to Hall Street Grill for dinner. I have a discount card from work that made dinner quite affordable there. Yeah! After that we watched the 2 hour special of ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and then went to sleep.

Monday I did not feel like going to the gym... so weird, because I normally LOVE Mondays at the gym. But I couldn't get motivated. It was BEAUTIFUL outside, so I went home and cleaned off all the patio furniture and put some on the front porch and sat outside and watched the neighborhood kids play. I also fixed Geoff's grill and tightened some screws in the fence. Geoff was super late getting home, but we decided to get some ribeyes and grill them up for dinner... yum. Then he left for basketball at the church. I promised I would wait for him to watch 24, so I thought "hmm, what will I do with myself now?" So I *very carefully* got out my bike (this was a sight to be seen, it was hanging in the garage on top of his old Bronco so I had to very carefully try to get it off the hook, around Geoff's bike hanging next to it, and on to stable ground without dropping it on the hood of the Bronco. I was mostly successful... there may have been one small incident where it slightly fell on top of the Bronco, but we won't speak of that). Anyway, I got on my jacket, grabbed some gloves, the garage door opener, some fresh water, my GPS, and was out the door! It's about 4 miles to Target. Then I looked around for Addy for a while... and finally heard her about 6 aisles from where I was... I visited with her for about an hour, it was GREAT!!! Then I took a slightly longer route back - yes, I'll admit it, I biked an extra 2 miles to avoid a hill. Hehe. So about 10 miles round trip (okay, so it was only 9.74!!) and a great visit to see Addy. The funniest part was that I got back RIGHT as Geoff and Eric were getting out of the Tahoe after basketball. What great timing! So I took a quick shower, then Geoff took a quick shower, and then we watched 24 (that took until midnight, ugh!!)

There is a guy at work who plays basketball with Geoff... and he wasn't there last night so I was giving him a hard time... and he said he got in a car accident on the way to basketball!! Ooops... he was stopped on the road and an older lady came and hit him SO HARD that he hit the woman in front of him. WOW! He said he'd never been in an accident before and always made fun of how traumatized people seem to be, but he was very disoriented himself. He didn't move until someone came and knocked on his window to see if he was okay. He tried to go to basketball after that but his wife (who's a nurse) was like NO WAY come home. So he's okay, which is good... unless you count the fact that he completely blanked out on my name in the middle of a meeting today. Hilarious. He's a super funny guy.

Today I'm going to the gym with Addy (I'm ditching Geoff... we were gonna play raquetball!) for a quick bit. Then we're all going home (Geoff included, he's going to go to the gym anyway) and taking showers, then heading out to trivia! I love Trivia Tuesdays! Mythology is the category tonight... should be interesting, I know NOTHING about mythology.

I'm craving ice cream. From either Texas or Oregon.

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marisa said...

haha yes, i am way excited about paying off student loans / saving for a house ... i even spent like two hours with loan calculators online yesterday trying to figure out how quickly we can get my loans paid off and how much we'll have for a downpayment and how much mortgage we can afford. houses are expensive.

i am with you on the craving ice cream thing - i've actually been craving coldstone (denver is like the capital of chains, we have very few local restaurants) for three weeks now, but since it's, you know, still february, i didn't think it was quite time to get my ice cream fix yet.