Sunday, February 11, 2007


Just filed my taxes! Both federal and state are done, yay. I love doing my taxes. And it's nice having them done.

My mom's mom (Mimi) and my dad's dad (Poppy) are both not doing very well. Let's start with Mimi. When I was a sophomore in college, she had a "stroke". I use the " " because at the time they thought it was a stroke, but then a few months later they went back and said there was actually no real evidence of her having a stroke. But ever since then she hasn't made any real effort - she just started staying in bed all the time, not caring about anything, and letting herself deteriorate. She won't do PT and just doesn't care. Her husband, my mom's dad (Gaggy), does whatever she says instead of pushing her to try to get better. Taking care of her the past 6 years has finally gotten to him and he is starting to look and sound older and worse. My parents and aunts and uncles are trying to get them to sell their house and move into an older folks community, but my grandmother's condition is so bad (she can't even get herself into a wheelchair) that many of these communities won't take her. It is sad because my grandfather is being brought down to her level. (her doctor says this is quite common, the one who is doing better is brought down by the person who is doing worse).

My dad's parents are having a similar situation but in reverse. Poppy spent his entire career in the Air Force and has problems with his hearing and his hips as a result. My mom always said that he dedicated his life to our country and is suffering as a result - I think she is frustrated that her own mother just decided to give up, and that my dad's dad actually has something to "show" for the pain he is going through now. Anyway, again, my dad's mom (Mommom) can't take care of Poppy, so they too are looking at selling their house and moving to a condo or somewhere smaller. Poppy is in better shape than Mimi, he can get around with a walker most of the time, but he is still worse off than Mommom.

The lesson I have learned from this is you need to start BEFORE it's too late. I told my parents that in 15 - 20 years we are going to have to look at getting them into a retirement community! That way they will have downsized their house and won't have to worry about cooking as much, they'll be around other older folks, and there will be a way for them to get more help and assistance as they need it. If you wait until you're too old, you're either too stubborn and don't want to give up your home, or you're too invalid and you can't get into a retirement community. So, I'm starting early with my parents.

Geoff decided we should name our favorite Food Network stars. They are Paula, Rachael, Emeril, Bobby Flay, and Alton Brown. We are NOT fans of Barefoot Contessa. Most other people we are pretty neutral on.

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