Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Is the whole world sick?

I was going to title this post "Dying a slow and painful death" but Geoff says I am too dramatic when I'm sick and I think he might be right. Seriously though - everyone I work with, my family all over the country, etc... everyone is sick! It seems to be a super sick year for some reason.

Monday was excellent - I went to the gym for a long time, came home, had leftovers for dinner, did a little cleaning. Then around 8:00 I started to feel kinda sick... like sore throat, really achy, VERY cold and feverish. So around 8:30 I took some Tylenol Cold PM, got in bed, and watched 24. It was a horrible night - I kept waking up freezing cold and shaking, it was no bueno at all! In the morning I had a low fever and was really achy, but I didn't have any of the cold-like symptoms, so I went to work.

For a few hours. I came home at 11 and was still achy and now nauseous as well. It's like the cold and flu combined. Or something. I dunno. I slept a little and did some work and watched Racheal Ray when she came on at 6. Geoff came home around 9 and I whined to him for a while. Then this morning I stayed home from work again and whined to Geoff some more. I think he was really excited to go into work at noon. I feel slightly better this afternoon. I better be able to go to work tomorrow! I'm bored and I hate not being able to work out. UGH!

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marisa said...

wow, you're sick and the thing you hate about it is not being able to work out? i envy that.

for my bleach cleaner, i really just mixed a 10-15% bleach solution of clorox (fresh meadow scent :)) and water in a spray bottle. cheap, easy, and very effective. my e-mail address is in my facebook (just so i'm not posting it on the internet randomly), but i actually really like getting your comments - you're basically the only person who writes on my xanga and it's nice to see the little number underneath my post!