Thursday, February 15, 2007

Best Valentine's Ever!

So yesterday was definitely the best Valentine's Day ever - maybe because I wasn't really expecting anything good. Geoff had asked me a couple of times "when are you going home?" so I knew he was up to something. So I went home (after a couple of errands which I will explain in a minute) around 4:30 yesterday. I walked in and there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the kitchen with a card. I LOVE CARDS. Seriously, I would rather get a card than almost any other present - especially when the text of the card AND what the person has written are really good! So I was pleased but not surprised or shocked or anything. So I grab the card, leave the flowers, and haul the rest of my stuff upstairs - where there were THREE MORE VASES OF A DOZEN ROSES EACH. Yeah, didn't expect THAT! There was once vase of red roses, one vase of light pink roses, and one vase of bright pink roses. Sooooo happy. I couldn't believe he surprised me. He has never done that the entire time we've been dating. It was great! He had been worried all day that I wouldn't be happy but I SO was! Definitely the best surprise from him and the best Valentine's Day present I ever got!

For his Valentine's Day present I got him a Nalgene bottle (he told me he wanted one for the gym, but that was over a month ago... the color is slate) and a ski mask. I was trying to think of something to put in the Nalgene bottle, but I couldn't! Then I remembered how he drinks a lot of Gatorade during basketball, so I got him some Gatorade mix and put it into individual little plastic baggies with the right amount to make a Nalgene full of Gatorade. I tried to find cute little Valentine's baggies but they didn't have them (at 2 different stores)! I also got him a funnel. I wrapped up all of these presents and put them in a bag. When we were talking about it, I told him I got him 4 things - although one was about 8 (the gatorade in the little baggies). He asked if they were one time use or permanent things, I said 3 of the things were permanent and the one that was 8 was one time use. He was confused! You probably are not too.

Side note: I was looking at and found an ecard to propose. I love the idea of proposing in a card, but an E CARD?!?!?! Seems like Ryan's blog might have covered this a couple of years ago, but I must have buried it deep in my mind!

Anyway, onward. I watched Rachael Ray and then went to pick up Geoff's skis from REI. Then I went to the gym and did the stepmill for a while, then ran for a bit. Geoff got there about 8:30 and we played racquetball until 9:15! I hate racquetball. I really do. That crazy little ball flying at you from all directions... I can't handle it! It was actually pretty fun, but Geoff even admitted that I'm NOT so good at it. Then we were hungry so we went to PF Changs for dinner. We didn't even change clothes, and then they asked if we had a reservation. I thought "we look like this... do you THINK we have a reservation?" Anyway, he opened all of his presents - after he'd opened the Nalgene bottle he said "wow, and I can put Gatorade in here!" and I thought "just you wait, buddy". Then when he got to the Gatorade package, he was like "this is weird. it feels like sugar. or maybe flower". I was like "stop poking it! open it!" He loved it... he loved opening all of the weird little things I got him. It was a fun dinner. We were happy. It was just a WONDERFUL day.

My mom also sent me a Thai cookbook for Valentine's Day - I can't WAIT to use it. I love Thai.

My calves hurt today from the stepmill. I love saying that word. I think it's funny.

Today Geoff took his Bronco to the DEQ to get tested. It passed! It's good for 2 more years now, which is a good selling point. We have a guy coming out today to look at it. He's already said he will make a low offer, which is okay, but I still hope he buys it. Geoff is a little sad because he has to part with his baby, but it will be a good thing for us overall. It has a lot of body damage, some problems with the rear and driver side windows, the 4x4 doesn't work, the air conditioning doesn't work, etc. So it's certainly not in perfect condition.

Tomorrow we head to Bend for a weekend of skiing, the best fried ice cream ever (vanilla ice cream in a crisp cinnamon crumb coating served in a flour tortilla "bowl" and topped with strawberry sauce, honey and whipped cream), outlet shopping, and fun! I seriously cannot wait! I am taking all of the flowers I got down there - I want to be able to enjoy them longer before I day. I asked if that was okay and got this response "I'm envious...................4 bouquets!!!! By all means, bring them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will certainly enjoy them while you're here!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hehe. :) Geoff says I need to come up with a system that does not involve him being touched in ANY WAY by flowers while driving. I will shimmy up a box or something for them tonight - they don't call me an IE for nothin'!

Tonight I think I'm going to go to my class at the gym, then whip up some jambalaya with sausage. That is the first meal Geoff ever cooked for me, the night we started dating, and I LOVED it. I can't wait to make it again. I hope it's another great day!

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