Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I need to learn mythology

So, Addy and Geoff BOTH ditched me at the gym last night... but they came to trivia with me which was fun. None of us knew anything about mythology so it was pretty brutal. Really fun night overall though!

This morning Geoff and I met at REI to rent skis. What we didn't know was that REI doesn't rent skis! When I got there he was just waiting for me and looking at the skis they sell to pass the time. He has wanted new skis forever... he skis a LOT and has never had his own. So anyway, I noticed the prices on the skis and they were on huge clearance. I told him it might make sense to get his own... he was SHOCKED. So we ended up buying him new skis (they came with bindings!), boots (these are not QUITE his boots but very close), and poles. He's VERY VERY happy. And he doesn't even know what I actually got him for Valentine's Day yet - just a couple of little things, I will post those later just in case he reads my blog before that. The guy at REI was like "you better get her something really good for Valentine's Day after this!" He said "I will!" So we'll see...

I also figured that he needs to ski approximately 14 times to break even on the cost of rentals - that will be easy! He will ski 3 days this weekend, plus he has 4 days left on his Mt. Hood pass - that's 7 times this year. If he skis that much next year, that will make up the cost in just 2 years. WOW that's super quick. And I have a feeling he'll have these skis at least a good 10 years. Good investment. I am excited for his skis! And VERY excited to go skiing this weekend.

Alright, off to another meeting. Tonight I think I'm going to the gym with Addy and then later tonight going to the gym with Geoff to play racquetball - I HATE racquetball, I can't stand that crazy little ball bouncing all over the place, but I told him I would play with him just this once. Yikes! I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow!

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