Monday, November 01, 2004


Soooo Addy had to leave yesterday which was so sad. But I went downtown to the camera store with Vin and then I went to church -- A-MAZ-ING. This band that I love, Scarlet Cord (Sunset's youth band) played and it was GREAT. They even played 3 Chris songs!!! What could be better in life? I was totally all jazzed.

Today I went to the dentist who told me I had beautiful teeth... yay! I have been to the same dentist my WHOLE life so I was a little nervous (and he wasn't even that good)... but she was amazing! So that made me happy. Then I dropped off our ballots and went to the gas station. Then Kristie and I went shopping... we hit about 12 stores in 2 or 3 hours and tried stuff on in at least 6 and bought stuff in at least 7. Vin thinks we're awesomely fast. After that we went to Starbucks and then Barnes and Noble, then I went home and showered. Later we met up with Vinnie for some dinner at this great little sports bar he found for us. YUUUUUM. Good food. Vin and Kristie played Keno, that was super funny. Now Vinnie and I are being dorks.

So I sent HMG, JJ, and Brownlee an email with this huge update on my life and JJ IMed me tonight and told me I inspired them to have a little pow-wow on Friday. So that made me super happy!! I only wish I could be there with them but I can't wait to hear every word of what they talked about. It will be great. I miss those girls and GIV and GIV exec and all of it so much. Tear.

Now a rant, because I know at least Jenni approves of them. WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH ARBITRARY DATES? Like people who tell their daughters they can't wear makeup until they're 13 or date until they're 16. Why? What is so special about that? What's with people who won't get engaged until X number of years, or people who don't want to have kids until they're X years old? I'm just so anti. YES, I agree that you have to wait for things in life. But I'm more laid back I guess... a go with the flow kind of girl (my exes might not agree with that..hehehe). But for real, you may know you want to marry someone after 6 weeks (my parents), 6 months, or 6 years. Why not just let it be. (This is not at ALL a rant about anyone, just something that seems to come up in conversation a lot lately). So I just think people should let things be. Not just about getting engaged, although that seems to be the hot topic, but just about life. Maybe more on the arbitraty date thing tomorrow

Word of the day: jerk-a-saur-ous-rex. Referring to Addy's Halloween party guy. :-)

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Jenni said...

On the subject of how long should you date before you get engaged ... I'm just weary of hasty decisions ... ofcourse everyone has examples of people who dated for a week and have lived for 50 years, but experience and wisdom tells us that it is never a bad thing to to wait. Also, I think parents have a good point that the first few years out of college/into a job change you and that someone who may be perfect for you in college may not be so perfect once you get involved in your career. Not saying that they WON'T be, but you might as well wait ... atleast on the financial aspect so you can save up money for the wedding ...