Sunday, November 28, 2004

Not too much to say...

So not too much going on... I slept until 4 (YIKES) today which was unnecessary but fun. I had set my alarm for 1 and I pretended I got up then but pressed snooze for 3 hours because I am a pile. I had stayed up late in the morning reading and so I just let myself sleep. Vin called about 2:30 AM and said ix-nay on the wine tasting because he was still out and had lots of work to do today. So I just enjoyed my day being a pile. When I got up I went to church and it was fabulous as always! When I got home I made myself some dinner... mac and cheese. I talked to my mom, my sister, and my aunt on the phone. My aunt told me all about houses and stuff. I didn't buy a house when I first moved here because things were up in the air with Doug and moving to LA. But now that I'm settled and everything I'm ready to buy a house, as soon as my silly lease expires. In August. So I have tons of time... but I'm ready to get acquainted in the market. So I've been looking at lots of houses and my aunt recommended that I go to open houses so I can start "dating" realtors but not one on one dates. (She's a realtor, I guess I forgot to mention that part). So I'm looking at houses... trying to decide between a townhouse and a single family home. And that's about it. I'm working on some random crafty type projects, scrapbooking, and getting my apartment set up just right. I got my tables and then had Thanksgiving all at once so it's kind of messy. I need to clean up and take pictures for all of you so you can see the fabulousness. I guess that's all I have to report. Maybe more later.

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