Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Kelly Weekend

So yesterday Kristie and I went to see our friend Camille, who works at the makeup counter at Nordstrom. She wasn't there when we first got there, so we did some shopping... I bought some candles from the Gap and a shirt at J Crew. We also looked at the Coach store... SO CUTE. I used to be such not a fan but at least now I think they're cute. So then we went back to Nordstrom and this makeup artist named Jen did Kristie's makeup and Camille did mine. It was absolutely adorable. Then we went to Starbucks for some yummy yummy coffee (Peppermint Mochas are BACK!!) and then met Vinnie for dinner at a Mexican place. Then Kristie and I went to a Creative Memories (scrapbooking) party. So fun. :-) We were the only 2 there which made it a little awkward but I love scrapbooking! Then I came home and had a night to myself for the first time in a loooooong time. I did some scrapbooking and a lot of thinking and reflecting. I've been so used to having time to myself over the past 3 years. I wasn't dating anyone that whole time except for Doug, and he lived 2000 miles away the entire time we were dating (Portland/Chicago, Chicago/LA, Portland/LA). I became very comfortable with myself and the fact that I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I could go out, I could stay in, I could talk, I could sleep, I could work, etc. I didn't have to think about anyone else. Now there's someone else in my life that I have to care about and think about. I absolutely adore him, it's just something to get used to. It's not bad by any means, just different. I was able to do some thinking and it was cool last night. I'm just really independent and sometimes it's good to just be comfortable in that.

Today I had a meeting at work in the morning, and then Kristie and I caught our usual Tuesday afternoon movie. Today was The Incredibles -- very cute. :-) I have yet to see a movie with Vin! Then we went to Wherehouse Music (didn't find anything of interest) and then to a few scrapbooking stores. We got a few things like stickers and paper. Then we went back to my house and made tea and scrapbooked for the rest of the afternoon and early evening. Tonight was the night I've been waiting for forever -- dinner with lots of cool people! This guy Doug that I work with and his wife Sheila, Camille (the makeup woman) and her husband Chris (who works same job but different shift, different factory), Kristie, me, Vin, and another guy that works Chris's shift all went to Old Chicago together! Goooood times. Poor Vin was sitting over with all of the girls until Sheila was nice enough to trade seats with him. He claims he had a good time after that. It was definitely very girl talk / guy talk all night, but that was okay. One of the cutest things I've seen in a long time was Doug going "hello wife" to Sheila after the end of the night (cause they sat apart all night) and just putting his arm around her. I'm used to goofball Doug for work so that was cute to see. Vin said later when I commented about it that "guys have to do stuff like that, make the wives happy and just pay attention to them a little bit at the end of the night if they haven't all night"... and I was like "oh, I'm so going to be a bad wife... I don't need that kind of stuff". But please, who am I kidding? I SO do. I didn't think at the time I did... I wasn't just making that up, but I do. Sometimes I like to set myself apart, but I'm such a typical girl. Vinnie really understands the male/female dynamic VERY well, in a very realistic way. And I'm sorry if you guys get sick of hearing about him. I'm kind of gaga about him, moreso than I ever was about Doug (in that cutesy annoying sort of way, but I don't really know what to do about it... we're very couply, which is partialy, and maybe mostly, his influence).

Kristie thinks I should break up with Vinnie until after Christmas, which I think is a great idea. My past 4 relationships have all started within 4 months of Christmas. UGH! Why do I do that? Why can't I wait until January? I HATE buying Christmas presents for guys. Luckily Addy has a pretty cute idea of something for Vinnie, so hopefully that will work out. As Vin says, Valentine's Day falls right after January though so you don't want to start dating then... good point, except we all know how I feel about Valentine's Day. NOT A FAN. Maybe I can just ignore all holidays except my birthday which I happen to think should be a national holiday. I LOVE my birthday. February 19th for those of you who forgot -- don't forget. :-) I like birthday lovin'! ;-)

So that's my story and my deal of the night. Vinnie had me psycho-analyze myself which was quite interesting. I'm pretty good at it (he said I couldn't and that's why he uses his ex-girlfriend's to psycho-analyze me). I told him some very interesting stuff about me and the control I like to have in my life even when it's not good for me. And he was suuuuper tired, and when he's tired he doesn't think or talk straight, so he was babbling on and on about how he's not ready to get married. Um, OKAY!!!

And I'll just leave you with that for the night.... 'cause I don't think there's anything of interest to report other than that. I can't wait until my sister gets her internet back, I need to talk to her online late at night. And my dad had a great job interview today so I pray that that will work out for him...

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Jenni said...

You can order the peppermint mocha's year-round, they're heavilly advertised during the winter though. I think it's better to HAVE someone during the holidays then to be alone. Even Jude Law in "Alfie" says so.