Thursday, November 04, 2004


p i d a t 42 0 (11:02:30 AM): In Portland, Ore., a city so staunchly liberal that it is sometimes called the People's Republic of Portland, the outcome of the presidential race was absorbed with the levity of a mass funeral.
p i d a t 42 0 (11:06:29 AM): is that like you?
p i d a t 42 0 (11:08:02 AM): Down the coast in Santa Monica, another place often referred to as a people's republic, the mood was no better. A man named Jerry Peace Activist Rubin sat in his stockings in his dark apartment, flummoxed and disoriented, taking condolence calls from well-wishers and rank-and-file left-wingers.
p i d a t 42 0 (11:08:22 AM): you used to travel often between these two cities
p i d a t 42 0 (11:08:52 AM): are you hiding in your dark apartment crying too?

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Pidat said...

aye those quotes were from a couple of meanspirited editorials in the new york time about people in the northeast and on the west coast who hate everyone else in america.