Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Vin Saga: Part Two

So Vinnie and I are back together.

Woah woah woah, before you FREAK OUT, let me explain why I'm not *quite* as fickle as it seems. Last night I stayed up all night thinking... I wasn't trying to, but I had to proofread Vin's paper, then I wrote Heather a GREAT long email (at least I thought it was great, it definitely made me think a lot), then I had a quiet time. But then I couldn't sleep for an hour or two after that, so I did a lot of thinking. I just didn't feel right about the whole breakup... I told Vin when we broke up that "this isn't the end of our story" and he said "maybe our story is to be best friends", but I didn't fully believe that. I realized last night that I want what I had always wanted... to be dating. I didn't want to act like we were married, I didn't want no space, I didn't even want to be so committed to dating only him. I wanted to explore the possibility of a relationship with him and see what happened. I planned it out perfectly in my perfect little head like I always do... and then came back down to earth and realized there's no way in the world that would happen.

So tonight he was like "what are we doing for dinner" because clearly we're incapable of eating alone. So we went to this fabulous little Thai place in Beaverton and had a wonderful meal there. As he said, the place had ambiance and would be a great place to take a date. We were flirting during dinner and have a generally good time. It wasn't at all meant to be a date but it sort of turned into a date, so on the way home I told him my little plan. He was like "what the heck are you talking about?" but once I explained it a few times, it made since to him. The only thing that's interesting is that there has to be the possibility of a future (read: marriage) sometime in the future in order for me to even ever-so-casually dating someone. So we talked about this, and he was like "yeah, it's probably not probable... but it never is... but anything is possible." He has this theory that your odds of actually marrying any one particular person are minute (which is true... think of how many relationships you've had, add one, and that becomes the denominator. The numerator is 1... and those are the BEST odds you have of getting married in your next relationship... clearly we're assuming you're single now). Okay we're math people... we're dorks. But anyway, as long as we've determined that the possibility is still there, I can so handle this and it's very much what I want.

Addy FREAKED OUT when I told her this and didn't seem too happy. I haven't had a chance to talk with her more tonight, since I went out with Kristie and Anna. I think she's freaking out because if the reason we broke up is really that important to us, it doesn't seem that logical that we would be dating. But it goes along with my whole really thinking about that whole Christian/non-Christian dating thing and how I still refuse to believe it's not possible. So as I continue to explore that I will continue to date Vinnie, though not exclusively, and see where it takes me. When and if I see a dead end, I will clearly define that with him and no longer pursue a relationship with him. I hope this makes some sense to you skeptics. :-)

As far as the non-exclusive piece... I've been talking to this guy from Craigslist (don't hate, don't hate) and I REALLY like him. I know, it's really easy to like a guy online. He's going to call me tonight, so we'll see what happens. He's a law student but I think we might get together this Friday or Sunday to have coffee or something. It's a small world too because a friend of mine from work went to high school with him! The work guy's sister even dated the Craigslist guy "back in the day". It's so weird. Buat anyway, so I'm going to try to get together with him.

I'll keep you posted on the ongoing saga, epic adventure... of Kelly's love life. :-) (and of COURSE of American History!!!!!!!!)

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Jenni said...

Okay, no more commenting for me because the situation changes almost daily!! Although, there's still no explanation for the getting rid of the pink blog.