Monday, November 22, 2004

Back home

So Vin and I went to see National Treasure while Addy was at Civil War (OSU won... go Beavs!). VERY good movie. Then we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday which was AMAZING because I had not eaten all day because my tummy hurt in the morning. So then we went back to Addy's and chatted for a while but then Vin and I decided to just drive home that night because all we were really going to do is sleep there and then get up and drive home. Since Addy had to work in the morning, we thought it would be a lot easier on her in the morning not to have guests. Plus it was nice to sleep in our own beds! :-) We had a GREAT weekend though, so much fun and nice to get away!

This morning we made the trip to Costco... oh my. I always feel like I shouldn't join Costco, but sometimes I think I should just because there are *some* good things there. It's definitely a great place to buy meat, wine, and paper products. Other things are debateable. But it was fun anyway. Then I went home and got a LOT of work done around the house! Lots and lots so that was really great. Then I went to church... by far one of the best services I've been to in a long time. It was on "The State of the Church" so it was really good. I was happy. Then I went to Vinnie's house for dinner. SO GOOD. We decided to make chicken but we had to let it marinate, so we decided to go grocery shopping (for other stuff, just in general) while that was happening. We got lots of good groceries (seperately) and then he made YUMMY YUMMY teryaki chicken and a teryaki noodle side dish (actually I made that) and it was GREAT. We watched Shrek 2 while we ate and then had pecan pie that he bought at Costco. GREAT NIGHT. Seriously so much fun.

I had something so interesting that I was going to blog about that I thought the masses would find interesting, but now I can't remember. Maybe tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it was going to be your fascinating conversation with me before Costco ;-) Or was nice talking to you though. Congrats on the tables