Wednesday, November 03, 2004

More news on the home front...

Sooooooooo... I walked into my class this morning (I worked today instead of tonight because I had a training session alllll day long), and who is the first person I see? Addy's "friend" from Saturday night. OH MY, are you kidding me? And he is like "HEY!!!!" and talks to me like I'm his best friend, so I sit down with him and we chat it up all day. Addy, if you're reading, he really did actually feel bad about that night... he was like "I feel like we left on bad terms, I hope she doesn't hate me". So he's not as bad as we though. He definitely wants us to go salsa dancing which is fun! It was just rather amusing to talk in and see him first thing "Monday" morning.

Then tonight I went to a dinner party thing at my old bosses house, all of the women in my extended group at work were there, so that was awesome!!! I love hanging out with women, it's like my new favorite thing. As I get older I see much more of a different dynamic between women and men. I used to much prefer hanging out with men, now I see the advantages of hanging out with women and I absolutely adore it. Women will have the candles going and make you a cup of cider or offer you a glass of wine and watch Sex and the City with you. Men are great companions and confidants, but it's just different.

THEN... and this may be the best part of the day... I came home and saw two men (about 25ish?) walk into BatWOMAN'S house. Now, I've always just assumed that she was Batwoman because my mom said she once saw my next door neighbor and she was a woman. So now I don't know if there are two men and a woman or if they're her kids or husband or boyfriend(s?) or what to think. Maybe they're all roommates? They're definitely living in a two-bedroom apartment, whoever lives there. Maybe just the men live there. Or maybe they were just visiting. But they had a key I think. Anyway, WHACK. My mom and Vinnie joke now whenever I have to park far away that the Batmobile can take me to my parking spot. My mom has resorted to calling the far away parking lot "Batmobile territory". HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm so glad that I know Addy will be getting as much of a laugh out of this one as I am.

I don't really know if I have too much more gossip or rants and raves. I'm trying to get away from just listing out the events of my days, because we all know THAT'S no fun. So I'll report back soon when I have something of interest to say.

Oh, I know. Today was my parent's 25th wedding anniversary! So congratulations to them. :-) (and for the record, no, they don't read my blog!)

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