Sunday, November 28, 2004

Post-Thanksgiving Wrapup

So Thanksgiving was awesome! My table is awesome... pictures for serious Monday or Tuesday, as soon as my apartment is spotless and ready to be photographed. :-) Dinner was great. My green bean casserole and his sausage stuffing were great (we both tried each others but really mostly enjoyed our own). And we had filet, chicken, and shrimp fondue, along with peppers, potatoes, broccoli, and onions. And 10 sauces! We had butter, sweet and sour, lemon butter, teryaki, dill, spicy, Asian, Frank's, garlic butter, and sour cream. Yuuuum. Seriously best Thanksgiving ever. I took pictures of the table so I'll put those up tomorrow if I have time. We're going wine tasting in the morning, yay. So after dinner we just chilled... I scrapbooked per usual and he worked on his website per usual. He stayed FOREVER... I was going nuts, I'm not even kidding. That's why I think I liked my relationship with Doug so much. I had space. I could see him for a while, and it was fun and great, but then I could leave for a month and breathe. Ugh. I can't stand being around someone all the time like that. Maybe I just have not found someone yet that I really like being around all the time.

Thursday night I had one of the scariest dreams I've had in a long time. I was at my apartment... only outside it was definitely my house in Palatine. Cause there was a front lawn and everything, only it was definitely my apartment inside. Weird. But this guy came and each night while I was in there sleeping would take something from my house/apartment and put it outside in the front lawn. The first night it was an old Tivo (not like the one I have) and he left it there. I thought nothing of it because I didn't know it was mine (although it was, but I don't own that in real life). The second day he got my attention though because my Tivo (the one I really have) was there with it. So I took them both and put them inside. Then the third day it was both Tivos and something else. It was freaky. And then I'd wake up in the middle of the night and start to hear him and wonder what he was taking, but I'd stay in my room and hope he wouldn't come in there. He never really stole, he just put stuff outside. And he never came in my room. It was just very psychologically scary!! Yiiiikes.

Then Friday I was crabby ALL DAY. Don't know what my problem was, but Vinnie had come over to hang out (we were going to cook leftovers) and I was like temper-tantrum girl to him the whole time. Ugh. So then I decided to go to bed (which was good 'cause I had to work that night) and I told him to just let me know when he was leaving so I could lock the door. Well, being the sweetest person in the world, he just stayed and worked on his computer the whole time I was sleeping so he didn't have to wake me up. Then he cooked dinner. So that was definitely way nice and undeserved.

Today I just slept all day, had a baked potato for dinner, cleaned my kitchen (it was SO GROSS), payed some bills, etc. Now I'm at work of course. And tomorrow morning as mentioned we're going wine tasting. Hopefully I'll get some sleep in in the morning before we go! :-)

Tis all for now. More soon. Especially more analysis of my "independence".

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