Monday, November 08, 2004

AWESOME weekend!!

This was one of those weekends that just turns out totally awesome even when you're not expecting it!!!

Saturday Vinnie and I kind of got stuff done... he helped me put air in my tires and fix my computer and stuff. And then he went to get a haircut so I took a nap... and then we realized we were late to go to Harvey's downtown (a comedy club we were going to go to with some of his friends). So we kind of putzed around talking to Addy online (we were silly, sitting across from each other on the couch and talking online to the same person... dorks!!). But it was just one of those really good conversations. And we were in a chat room with her... but I know Add and Vin were talking to each other on the side too. They chat it up about me, no doubt. So then Vinnie and I were trying to decide where to go to dinner... and we talked about Chili's or Chevy's and then drove down to TV Highway to consider maybe a Mexican place down there or an Italian place that he likes... but then we were like "let's go downtown"... he wanted to go to this place called Pasta Bella that he'd been to when he was interning here about 3 years ago. So we went and had THE MOST ROMANTIC AMAZING EVENING EVER. Seriously. He asked me when the last time I had a romantic date was and I told him the first night I went out with him. But he asked about before that and I had nothing. Once I had a pretty nice evening with Julius, but it was after we had already broken up. And Dustin and I went out a few times and had decently nice evening, but it was nothing like this. It was just so so cute. I will spare you all of the details though... don't worry. And at the end we were talking to the owner of the restauraunt for like 15 minutes and she was like "well, you guys just make the cutest couple". So that was awesome. I was like glowing for the whole night. :-) :-)

Sunday we went hiking... it was supposed to be 9 - 3 but it was 9 - 5:30 and those extra two and a half hours make a difference!!! I was totally exhausted when we got home... ugh! And my stomach was bugging me on the way up (York I know you can relate on that one...) But it was AWESOME. We got to see Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. St Helens, 3 Sisters, etc. So worth the hike up there!!! :-) Totally cool. Then Vinnie and I were STARVING so we went to Red Robin, yum. I always love the Red Robin. He picks out the best places. Then we went back to his house and worked on decorating it... he says it needs a female touch, and I'm all for that. Super fun.

Since we didn't get back until 5:30 I missed church so I was way sad about that... I don't remember the last time I didn't go to church... I was like traumatized. So I had the most amazing quiet time ever, which clearly isn't the SAME as church but it was super good! I like how different things allow us to be close to God in different ways. And even though I have my quiet time every day, somehow sometimes it's just extra special. I've had a few like that lately. I am really enjoying where I am in my life right now and who I am and who I'm becoming. I'm smiling more than I've smiled in a long time and I'm just enjoying the day. Each day, for exactly what it is (and we all know that I'm the worst about planning and looking ahead and analyzing the past... so it's fun not to be doing that... as much. :-) )

This morning I slept in super late and so I'm just chilling and putzing around all day. Not true... I have fun plans with Kristie for the day, but you'll have to wait until I blog them later on. :-)

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