Monday, November 22, 2004

The Table Saga

Sooo... the table guy (Carl) said we were getting close when I called him on October 29. He had my coffee table and end tables in, just waiting on the dining room table which is the one I really want. (if you haven't read the story before, the tables were all stuck on boats in the Port of Long Beach because it takes a long time to get through security. There were hundreds of boats stuck there, so mine just had to move to the front! So I was like YAY, this is good, they'll be coming soon. So lalala, time goes on, and I'm just waiting for him to call. Friday I get a LETTER in the MAIL saying "Kelly, been trying to call but I get a 'disconnect'. Your tables are in so give me a call so I can deliver them. Carl" WHAT?! He's had my number since August 6 and he's called me multiple times before. So I give him a call and he has had the tables for a few weeks! So if only I'd called him the week after Halloween I would have had them, but oh well. He also had my Chicago phone number with a Portland area code (don't know how or why he switched the area code in his records, but oh well). So they are being delivered today and I can't WAIT!! Then I can finally take and post some long awaited pictures of my apartment! :-) Expect that in the next week or so. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

And now I must go begin my rigorous daily schedule which begins with watching ABC Extreme Home Makeover, followed by making zucchini bread and scrapbooking, a short trip to the theatre with Kristie to see Bridget Jones Diary, and finished with me making dinner for Kristie and/or Vin to eat on my BRAND NEW TABLES!!!

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