Sunday, October 31, 2004

Oh my....

First of all, I've been enlightened on my readership levels. I found that not only does Jenni read it... Addy, Heather, Grant, Brian, Marie, and Dana all read it too! Oh and I know Brownlee reads it! WAY TO GO GUYS. I hear you were chattin' it up about me and the blog last night. Good times... so wish I had been in Chicago. But I will come sometime and hopefully we'll all hang out. Oh and if you SLACKERS would post comments I would give you more information on what you want to know.

Like I hear you guys want to know if Vinnie and I are serious... and consensious was not too much but it has the potential to be very good for a very long time. I agree with that. We just started dating, but we're pretty hardcore. We definitely hang out a lot... but I think a lot of that is the newness and also not having a whole lot of other friends here in Oregon. I'm sure we'll simmer down. (Addy says "get married and have kids")

My new phrase is so "_____in' it up". Like chattin' it up, sluttin' it up, flirtin' it up, etc.

So Addy and I definitely slutty hoed it up. We got all of our cute accessories and then got dressed and sexy. We took pictures, Vinnie is burning a CD for us right now so I will post one later today maybe. Or tomorrow. At any rate, we were definitely the hottest people at the party. No offense to everyone else involved, but with me in slutty ho nurse attire and Addy in slutty ho flapper dress... yeah. Everyone else was married, older, and not wearing cute costumes at ALL. A lot of people dressed as "grandmas"... added some pillows under their clothes and got a little bit. Yeah, the competition wasn't too steep. (Addy says "I don't even understand what she was supposed to be... what was she besides cottage cheese butt or something?")

So Addy and I were drinking a little... oh my. (Addy says "more than a little... a lot") And we were scoping out a guy for Addy to make out with. So we finally found someone... I won't give all of the details of Addy's life... but it was a shady shady night. So then the guy brought Addy back to my apartment and Vinnie and I came back. He ended up leaving a few hours later and then Addy, Vinnie, and I all slept in my bed together. Craziness. I know I know. It was crazy. Addy and I are like "NEVER AGAIN".

Now we're on our way to Chipotle... it's weird, there are two different things going on today. The typical "dress like a burrito, get a free burrito" for Halloween and the buy a burrito get a free one on election day. Can you get two free ones?

Okay we've returned from Chipotle... this year they didn't have "Boo-rito" which is their typical Halloween dress like a burrito get a free one. Sad. But I'm excited for Tuesday!!

So the woman who lives next to me has this floormat that says "THE BATCAVE: No Solicitors or Villians". HAHAHAHAHA I just started cracking up just writing that. I've lived here for 3 months and I STILL haven't stopped laughing about it. Vinnie thinks I'm retarded. (We're being dorks, lying on the living room floor next to each other both doing work... if you call blogging work, but he's writing patent applications... but we're using THREE computers. Only lame Intel people need THREE computers even during their personal time.) But seriously he thinks I'm ridiculous. Back to the story, the first time I saw that I just cracked up. And every time I see it I still crack up, and so does Addy. It's just funny. All we do is talk about Batwoman and we're rolling on the floor laughing, and I'm not even kidding. YAY Batwoman

Tomorrow I'm going to post about arbitrary dates. You'll see what I mean tomorrow. ;-)

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osuaddy said...

Yay to the infamous BAT WOMAN and all the mysteriousness of her "identity". =) It honestly makes me laugh so hard that I think I scare my roommates.

I can't believe you mentioned the "looking for someone for me to make out with" even though it was entirely way too true. But since you brought it up I have to say Boo to that jerk! It is alright anyway... He is DEFINITELY not mr. right... just mr. right now and that is all that matters.

HOWEVER - I would like to say that he truly is an ASS, because he got me sick. Virus sharing monkey. I hope I meet him again someday so I can shake it and show him up at dancing since he thinks he is hot stuff.... and give him back something to cough about!

OK - here is my "comment" that I promised! There will DEFINITELY be more, but until then... You are the best and I can't wait come up and visit you and "the vin" soon! Ya'll rock and we will laugh it up ;) talking about bat woman and bumble bee grandma.... hey that is kinda like bumble bee tuna, only not.

Ok - I am out. I need to work on my BLOG - yay for the new "arriving" (Dedication to Chris) of Addy's BLOG =)