Sunday, October 03, 2004

Hey peeps

Well first of all, GO CATS!!! Can you BELIEVE we won tonight? I'm super excited. For those NOT in the know, Northwestern beat Ohio State 33 - 27 for the first time in 33 years. Doesn't that little 33 just fit so nicely there? So that was just really exciting for Wildcat football fans across the globe. Too bad I wasn't in Evanston to see it.

So it's been a good night at work... I took a class and learned a lot, and next time I get to co-teach the same class. Eventually I will be a full-blown instructor for the course! I also spent some time kind of goofing off, but it's hard to get a whole lot done on a Saturday night. I know that's bad but I place a lot of merit in the value of getting to know my co-workers too. So it's been a good night at work. Definitely have been having fun in my 2nd Saturday at work.

I also decorated my cube tonight... the pictures that I ordered from ofoto on Wednesday came in today, and I ordered a lot of doubles (for scrapbooking and decorating) so I put those up to make my cube a happy place. It DEFINITELY is much happier than it was before! Just feels more like mine. I didn't have any pictures up for my whole internship so I'm glad I got on that. Chances are if you're reading this there is now a picture of you up in my cube -- exceptions are Jenni and Ryan. And that is only because I haven't seen either of you since May, and all of these pictures areMay and beyond. I do have pictures of both of you from January though, so maybe I should get some copies of pre-May pictures made that I can put up in my cube. I have a feeling I'm going to have to bite my tongue on saying that about pictures in my cube, cause I just realized there is no picture of my Rooms or McCracken in here either. :-( I really need to get doubles of some more pictures!! In the next order I will, because that would just vastly improve the quality of my cube. The problem is that I only order pictures about once every 6 months, so I will have to make a note to remember that in my next order.

Okay, anyway, after that debacle... on to the real news. I think I have TWO dates this weekend, and the crazy thing is they are with two different guys. The one I'm not sure about is on Sunday... the Sunday guy wanted to do something Monday or Tuesday evening, and I already have plans for both of those evenings (not dates!). So I emailed him about possibly Sunday, although I'm going to church with another guy and his friend and his girlfriend. So it would have to be before or after that, but I invited him to come to church with us if he wants to. The Monday date is at 4:30 PM and it's rather chill -- just a walk in the park. The Sunday guy wanted to go downtown for dinner and maybe something like pool. For the record, these are both people from work. So it should be a fun "Kelly weekend" as Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are now called. I'll of course keep you updated on that one. Hopefully this weekend will NOT involve any alcohol, and as it looks now it won't, which makes me happy.

Not all that much else going on, I'm looking forward to getting home and getting to bed in a couple of hours. It's been a long week! Hopefully I'll only sleep about 5 hours so that I'll be able to switch back to my sleeping nights... but we'll see. OH I just realized TODAY is Sunday and I could potentially have a date in like 8 hours. Wow.

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Anonymous said...

Hey that win was amazing and a whole bar full of Ohio State fans were very sad. - Jenni