Saturday, October 30, 2004

Halloween and Chris Tomlin!!

Okay, I forgot I made my blog pink... what do you think? Too much? I kinda think it is. Let me know.

So Thursday I worked... met Vin for dinner at Old Chicago, that's about it though.

FRIDAY was the best day ever!!! I slept until about 2, then went with Vin to get a Halloween costume for him. Then we waited at my apartment for Addy to come. When Addy got here, we went to go see Casting Crowns, CHRIS TOMLIN, and Steven Curtis Chapman downtown at the Rose Garden. SOOOOOOO amazing. :-) Such good times. I heart the Chris and it was just a totally amazing night. I need to stop being all about Chris, but I get all excited whenever he has a new CD out or when I get to go see him live. He's GREAT live. Sooooo much fun. Then Addy and I acted like such roomies... we were on my living room floor side by side, both on laptops just being super cute. And we tried on our Halloween costumes and she practiced my makeup. She's SO GOOD at makeup! YAY!

Today we went on a million secret little shopping missions... getting our last minute "slutty ho" Halloween stuff. We should be good to go for tonight. I'm SO EXCITED for our Halloween party. I will definitely post pictures tomorrow or later this week... Vinnie promises to take them of me and Adds... YAY! :) Good times. Time to go get dressed...

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Jenni said...

Everyone's jumping on the pink blog bandwagon. :)