Monday, October 04, 2004

More gossip

So the date yesterday happened, and it was SURPRISINGLY great. We went downtown for dinner to a wonderful restauraunt called the Tuscany Grill that I absolutely adored. It was a great little Italian place in Northwest Portland, which I also adore because it's really kind of the trendy fun area of Portland. If I end up buying a house in downtown Portland rather than the suburbs, it will deifnitely be in Northwest. So we had a great dinner and a bottle of red wine, and had a wonderful conversation and laughs. It was super fun to have a real date -- Northwestern is really not down with the actual dates, so it's new and exciting! We went back to my apartment and talked after that. Fun night.

Tonight, I have a "date" I guess at 4:30 PM with a guy that works the same shift as me but in a different factory. We're just going for a walk in a local park, so that will be cool. I have much lower expectations than I did for last night, although I can't say that I had very high expectations for that one either, so we'll see. Hopefully I'll see the guy from last night again sometime this week too... I have a feeling that that's very likely.

After that tonight I am babysitting for Kendra's husband's brother that they're watching for a few months. He's a pretty fun kid so that should be okay. That's from about 7 - 10 so who knows what will happen after 10. Tomorrow is up in the air (and hopefully I'll be at least a little productive) but I also have my Bible study's first meeting of the fall tomorrow at 7. YAY because I miss those girls!!! So I'm busy from 7 - 9 tomorrow, so we'll see.

So much excitement going on!!! More soon I'm sure as the story unravels even more.

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