Saturday, October 09, 2004

Too much to tell

THE FUNNIEST THING EVER JUST HAPPENED! I heart the night shift. So this one woman on our shift is AMAZING and buys huge bags of candy from Costco for us all the time. She went on sabbatical and so she bought us a ton of extra to get us through the whole time. She locked it up in a file drawer and told one guy the combo so that we could get to it. Since then he’s been doling it out about once a night, and things have been going smoothly. PROBLEM: He’s gone tonight, and he didn’t tell anyone the combo so that we could get to it. There are only 4 of us here tonight, so earlier one of the guys was lurking around looking for candy in other cubes since we can’t get in there. Then about 30 minutes ago the other guy was in her cube trying to get in there and asking us the combo. We didn’t know it, so we were trying to think about going through all of the numbers to get to it, or calling security to cut the lock, or calling the guy on vacation or SOMETHING. It was a dire situation... it was 3 AM and we were running low on fuel. And clearly we didn’t want to resort to the vending machines (that would be too easy!). So one guy is playing with the drawer and realizes that you can kind of wedge it open a little bit, so he’s sort of doing that. He’s like “I need someone with a little hand and a lot of trust”. Clearly, that’s me. So I pull out the bag of Twix – problem… only 2 are left! He’s like “we’re going back”. We get like an eraser and stick it in there, and my hand is little enough to put in there to get things out. So we get a ton of good stuff (this all took a lot longer, because for a while the other guy was trying to reach in there because he has longer fingers, but I could fit my WHOLE hand in and he couldn’t). We took a lot of “loot” and left a bunch… just freaking hysterical. And we had to be quiet because we didn’t want our employees to think we were NUTS. But it was definitely a good time. Once again – I heart the night shift. Oh, and for the record, we DO actually get work done around here. :-)

On the guy front... I've seen the one guy every night this week. Twice tonight, for dinner and then coffee during my lunch break. And we basically have the whole day planned together tomorrow... intense I know, but I guess we're both intense people. BUT, the other guy is sort of back in the picture now so I don't know. I just don't know what I want and I don't even want to decide. So I'm going to hold off on the updates for a while... at least in as much detail. I'll keep you up to date though, not to worry. I'll just include more fun updates like the candy situation. ;-)

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