Thursday, October 07, 2004


So here is the craziness that has occurred since Monday -- I've seen Vinnie every day! It's SO weird, I know, and one would think that'd we'd be sooooooo sick of each other by now, but things are just going really really well. Monday I had to watch Kendra's husband's brother (as I think I mentioned), but then I went over to Vinnie's to watch Alias with him. SUPER fun. Tuesday I was supposed to have my Bible study kickoff (again, I think I mentioned that), but no one else ended up being able to go so I just scheduled a coffee date for next week with Sara. That freed up my night to spend with Vinnie... so we went out to Chili's (YUM!) and then for an amazing walk in a local park. Then we sat on the swings forever and just talked for an hour or so. He pushed me on the swings which I found incredibly cute. He had a presentation to give the next day, so we swung by his house and grabbed his laptop, then went to my apartment and just sat next to each other, him doing work and me writing in my journal. We turned off all the lights and just had candles lighting the room, it was adorable. Then we just sat there talking. He's just so super cute! It was definitely hard to say goodbye to him that night, since I knew I wouldn't see him until Saturday.

Or so I thought. We ended up talking online while I was at work around 10:00 Wednesday night, and he was like "what are you doing?" I was just checking email and going to lunch around 11, so he stopped by and I showed him my cube and stuff, and then we went out for a late night coffee date. Afterwards, my co-workers TOTALLY gave me a hard time about him! They were soooo funny. I walked into my meeting after lunch and they’re like “where were you during lunch?!” “way to grace us with your presence!” And I was like “sorry, I had a coffee date”. Then they were all “Date, what? Date?!” So they asked who Vinnie was and explained he is a guy that worked in JF (another campus)… I’m afraid he'll now forever be called “JF boy”. They asked how we met, and I said we met at an RCG (Recent College Grad) thing a few weeks ago and then he asked me out, so we went out Sunday… and Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday. So then they were like “um, does he really work in JF or just sit there during the day so that he can plan taking you out on dates at night?” Then one guy was like “dude, this is great – pool both of your incomes now and you can retire and sail around the world by the time you’re 26!” Then they told me they’re going to start up a pool on when we’re getting engaged – the big debate is if they should do it by month and year or month and day. Another co-worker has already called him “Kelly’s new boyfriend” which I found rather amusing. The third guy was like “you HAVE to bring him in… we have to tell you if he’s good enough for you. Plus, you know that if he can tolerate us that he’s the right one… we did that for Brett and now he’s engaged!” Then the first guy was like “are you seriously working until 11 tomorrow morning? You should have come in later tonight… now you’re going to need JF boy to page you all morning to keep you awake for training!” In case you can’t tell, I have THE most sarcastic team ever. I made the mistake of telling them Vinnie and I are meeting for lunch Wednesday (when I have a meeting over in his building) and the third guy was like “OH GOOD, now we know when we get to meet him!!” So now he has to meet the team sometime. It’s almost like meeting the fam.

So yeah... I'm definitely having fun. Don't know if I'll see him Thursday and Friday (I'm ASSUMING not), but we have a hot date planned for Saturday after I wake up. ;-) And it wouldn't be so weird to see each other 4 days in a row if they weren't the FIRST 4 days we'd ever gone out together... so strange! But something is just working, and we're not sick of each other yet.

So I'm on hour 10 of a 16 hour shift... almost 2/3 done! Then I'm only working about 8 hours tomorrow night, which will be awesome. Friday's normal 12 hour shift rounds out my short week and I get my nice long 4 day weekend! Woo hoo! More soon... and I promise not so many ooey-gooey details next time. ;-)

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Jenni said...

Great updates! We need more pictures ... especially of your new pad.