Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Let's see, where did I leave off?

Alright here's the lo-down peeps:

Thursday: Worked. :) Had a meeting for a social club that I'm the social chair of, that's about it.

Friday: Worked. :) Had a zillion 1:1 meetings with people I work with.

Saturday: Worked. :) This was a fun night because my co-workers gave me a hard time for about 2 hours about me being a player. They think it is illicit dating multiple guys at once... but I figure I'm only young once! And I'm not really dating multiple guys at once. But all of these other things kept happening and coming up (like the lunch guy hitting on me, which is nothing new, he does it every night, but this was the first time they saw it) so they were just having a grand old time. It was quite amusing. So now I'm the group player... SO AMUSING! The other fun thing about Saturday was that I went to my friend Lisa's baby shower. It was my first baby shower and was SO much fun! The most amusing thing was that one of the games was guess the baby food... EW!!! The people with kids were obviously way better, and this one woman (Keith you know her... Holly, that amazing singer from Sunset!!) was SO GOOD!! She even realized the apple was actually DUTCH apple, meaning it has cinnamon unlike the regular apple. She got 2 points for that one and ended up winning the game. I personally got two out of 7 right... apple and carrot. They had like sweet potatoes, beef and vegetable, and who knows what else. DUDE, and you could look, smell, and TASTE to figure out what each thing was. AHHH. I'm never having kids!! Although for the record, that baby shower made me REALLY want to have a baby... for about 12 hours after that. Then, I came back to my senses. :)

Sunday: Scandalously slept until 2:30 PM. Good times. Then I went to church with Andrew at 5. He was a big fan of Sunset and we're going back next week! YAY! I have an official church-going partner now. WOO HOO!!! I'm not such a fan of going to church alone (hence the big ole' Vineyard carpool) so this is so great for me. I can hardly wait 'til next Sunday!!!

Monday: Slept until about 7:30 AM... this may seem early but I fell asleep around 11 on Sunday night so I had plenty of sleep. My partner-in-crime, Kristie, also told me she woke up around 6 or 7ish too... when you work weird hours you just sleep when you can sleep. There have been times before when I fell asleep around 8 PM, woke up around 2 AM, and was just awake for the rest of the night. Luckily I'm on a slightly more normal schedule this week, although I definitely am going to bed and waking up early. So I had lunch at a nearby Thai place with Vinnie (I went and met him at his cube at work) and then went shopping with Kristie and then we saw a movie. After that it was one of the first cold and rainy nights of the year so we both went back home and took naps and then just sat around our respective apartments and watched movies and stuff. I was going to go to HOAG but I slept through it unfortunately. I ended up falling asleep again early (it was funny because Vinnie called and woke me up and I remember really wanting to talk to him so I wouldn't get off the phone but I said absolutely nothing constructive. I asked him about it today and he said that yes I definitely was being an idiot). Oh and actually Vinnie stopped by on his way from work last night, that was cool because it had definitely been a while since I had seen him (at least other than that brief lunch).

Tuesday: Had lunch with Vinnie again... ridiculous. Fun though!! Went to Quizno's today. Yummy. Then wasted the entire afternoon talking to people online... grrrrr. Vinnie got his hair cut today so he stopped by for about 5 minutes just to show it to me -- HUGE fan!! So that was cool. Other than that I've literally been a pile the whole day. Oh I blew up the blue ball... Erin and Dena will get that joke. So that wasn't completely pile-ish.

Now I'm talking to Vinnie, Christine, and Christine's brand new boyfriend online. It's quite good times. So I think that's all. At least that's all for now. I start work again tomorrow so I'm sure I'll think of something to write then. :)

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Jenni said...

Hmmm ... if people come out to visit you, you're going to be asleep when you're awake. And what about christmas? You'll be passed out for dinner but awake for presents. Fishy!