Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

Alright, so here’s the big long-awaited weekend update.

Saturday morning… wine tasting with Julie, Geoff’s mom. It was a pretty amazing day overall… I had a LOT of fun laughing and joking and drinking with both of them. Unfortunately, I was drinking red wines while she was drinking white, and not only do red wines have higher alcohol contents, but they have a lot more of them in Oregon. (Geoff’s stepdad says I just don’t hold my alcohol as well!) But she would taste like 7 wines and I would have like 15 or 20 to taste! Don’t worry I didn’t even taste all of them… but still, I was much more intoxicated then she was and definitely said CRA-ZY lady things to her. I kid you not, if I was her I would have been like “get away from my son now”. Luckily she is more filled with grace than I am! So it was actually totally okay. Then we were supposed to have dinner with his parents, and Geoff was like “no no, you’re going home”… and I was QUITE upset about that. So we had our first fight, or drunken rage if you will. Poor Geoff. But we went to Olive Garden later and it was quite possibly one of the finer dining experiences in my life.

Sunday I pretty much did nothing. Geoffrey and I went to Olive Garden (yes again, I was craving!) and to the mall, and that’s about it. He had to go to work that night so I napped and made brownies and watched TV and ate leftovers. Easy boring day.

Monday was fun! I worked in the morning which was nice, and then Monday afternoon we went to a picnic with Geoff’s parents. The picnic was great. Julie was so funny… when we got there I was sitting with her and Gary and Geoff were playing football, so Julie’s like “let’s go try some wine… because that’s what we do”. So we did. It was good but not great. The picnic was pretty fun, the people who’s house we were at for Easter were there, I like them. Very funny folk! Oh and then Julie and Gary were being really really funny on the way home too! We were hysterically laughing. Then Gary was talking about Trevor’s graduation and how family starts coming in on the 7th, and his daughter comes in on the 8th… then the party is on the 9th and the graduation is on the 10th. So Gary was like, it would be great if you guys were around as much as possible that weekend, we’d love to see you, Kelly especially you it’d be great for you to be around earlier in the week so you have as much family time as possible especially before the big crowd hits. Definitely come over even if Geoff can’t, etc. I was like Geoff doesn’t need me to come over either! He was like yeah, but he won’t come without you. Super nice. Apparently Gary likes me, which I actually didn’t know at all. So yeah that was really fun. And then we went to go see Mission Impossible 3 with Eric, THAT was a good movie! I haven’t seen a movie that good in a long time, I loved it!!!

BEST NEWS OF THE DAY: I *might* be able to run today. Not for sure, but I go to the doctor and she’s supposed to take out my stitches. So barring any bad news I might get, I’m running 3 miles after work. I’d love to run more but know that’s probably not best, so I’m taking it easy to begin with.

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