Thursday, May 25, 2006

Embarrassment and Toilet Flushing

Interestingly, these two topics are NOT related (at least for the purposes of this post).

Here is an interesting thought I had the other day... think about the emotion "embarrassed"... there is no way that another person can really have an affect on that emotion. For example... if you are happy, someone might have been the cause of that happiness, or someone might be able to make you unhappy. If you are angry, another person might have caused that anger or could help you to calm down and release your anger. Same for love, sadness, etc. Most emotions I can think of. But embarrassed... that is just a very personal feeling, YOU feel embarrassed. Even if someone says "oh, that's no big deal, don't be embarrassed"... that doesn't really change the feeling. I just thought that was super interesting. Thoughts?

So we have three main buildings on the campus where I work... the first two have had automatic toilet flushers for years (I know this because I have previously worked in the first two). However, the third (where I've worked since September) has not... until Tuesday. It was interesting because Tuesday morning I had a staff meeting and used a different bathroom in the third building and it had automatic flushers. I thought "STRANGE, I didn't know they had them anywhere in this building!"... but then later that day I was using my normal bathroom and they had the automatic flushers in there too. They were NOT THERE ON MONDAY. Who sneaks in in the middle of the night and changes all the toilet flushers, on a Monday night? Very odd.


MoodSwingSet said...

>>"Who sneaks in in the middle of the night and changes all the toilet flushers, on a Monday night?"

The answer: orange badges.

Anonymous said...

mmm, i used to know this "badge code"...
green badge.
blue badge.
orange badge.

oh the humanity!!