Tuesday, May 02, 2006

And the latest update...

So the latest “weekend” news… this past weekend we had the Quarterlife retreat… it was amazing amazing. Geoff and I went down early Friday (we took the day off, slackers!) and had a totally great afternoon together. We had lunch, then walked on the beach, then had ice cream… it was lovely and romantic and perfect. Then NEXT weekend I’m going to Vegas with the Sex and the City girls. It should be totally great, I’ve never been before. I’m very excited!

I have been training for the half, I got up to 9.25 miles this past weekend. I actually ran with FOUR other people… can you believe that on a retreat of about 20 people, 5 of them wanted to get up at 6 AM to run 9 miles? Psycho. But it was a great run, I wasn’t sore at all and we ran on the beach for about 6 of those miles. I have this new GPS running watch that first of all is super cool and second of all told us all how far we needed to go. The half marathon is 6 weeks away and I’m definitely running in it!!! 10 miles this Saturday. Oh, I did end up joining LA Fitness, and I now swim once a week. And the Bally’s instructor is still there, and she teaches a class that I LOVE taking on Thursdays. Also, ballroom dancing lessons are going GREAT, Tuesdays are one of my favorite days of the week.

Just so you get a feel for my life these days, here’s a “typical” week:

Sundays: Church with Geoff at his church if he’s not working, otherwise I go to my church around 5 PM. Usually just a pretty chill day. No working out! (yesterday I made an exception and swam, but I was just needing to expend some energy!)

Mondays: Nothing in the afternoon usually… sometimes a run (between 3 and 6 miles) and sometimes a 5:45 class at the gym. I usually go over to Geoff’s at 10 PM to watch 24 with him, Trevor, Kyle, and Jenny (friends of ours… Kyle and Jenny are dating).

Tuesdays: Ballroom night! I love it!!! And then we usually go to Geoff and Eric’s apartment to watch House and occasionally Boston Legal. “We” is me and Geoff, Eric and Sarah, Trevor and Carissa, Kyle and Jenny. That’s the dancing crew – only me and Geoff and Kyle and Jenny are dating though.

Wednesdays: Quarterlife… I go early to setup, Eric’s on the setup team with me and usually Geoff goes early too. Then we usually all go somewhere afterwards for dinner.

Thursdays: Usually a gym day, I like to go to the class at LA. If Geoff’s not working it’s usually my only one on one day with him, which is nice.

Fridays: Sometimes a happy hour… usually don’t see Geoff much cause he has a men’s meeting, but there’s almost always an hour or so that I see him. Two weeks ago we went to see a movie, this week I’ll go downtown for Cinco de Mayo with some friends.

Saturday: Long run day, then I usually take a nap. Saturday night is almost always something fun, this week it’s poker night. Two weeks ago it was a game night at my house.

Workout wise, I make sure I have one swim day, one weights day, two rest days, and I run the long run each Saturday that is a mile longer each week. I also add 10% to my total distance each week… so last week I was at 18 miles… I ran a 4 mile run, 5 mile run, and 9 mile run. This week is 20 miles, so I’ll probably run two 5s and the 10. It works out quite well!!

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