Thursday, May 11, 2006

See, I'm being consistent!

This is my third update in 3 days. It only takes 21 days to create a habit, ya know. ;-) But I am not going to update again until at least Monday... expect a good update that day, it will be the Vegas update!!

Yesterday I was supposed to meet Geoff at REI at 4:00 PM to get my $50 back from the GPS I just bought 3 weeks ago that is now on sale. I was still on the phone on a phone meeting at 3:50... and 4... and 4:15, 4:30, 4:45. Then I FINALLY was off the phone... I felt so bad! :( Poor Geoff, but he was so sweet... he waited and walked around the mall and got himself a smoothie and everything. I finally got there just before 5, and he had already sent me a text asking if I wanted to get Chipotle for dinner. It was like he knew how bad I felt about being late and instead of being mad he was NICE! Who does that?!

After REI (I got my 50 dolla, and I also got new hiking pants, a new sports bra, and a FABULOUS Marmot waterproof breathable jacket that I've been waiting since January 2005 and was on clearance), we went to Chipotle and grabbed some dinner. Then we went home so I could change clothes quickly before church because I was hot and disgusting... then we had Quarterlife, which was lovely as always. I was excited the normal A/V guy was there so I didn't have to run the Powerpoint, but the speaker actually asked me to anyway, which made me sad cause I couldn't sit by Geoff. Geoff was doing the announcements... and after he announced the speaker, he came and sat next to me in the back during the talk. Out of nowhere, he didn't even know I was sad I couldn't sit by him, he just wanted to sit by me that much! How sweet is he?

Wow, this is like the blog of nauseating Geoff details. BARF!!!!

So after Quarterlife we went back to REI to pick up Geoff's car, and he went to his apartment to grab a few things and I went home. I ran into Christie the neighbor who I haven't seen since Easter, and I started chatting with her for a long time... she was telling me about a friend of hers who's having an affair, among many other random things. We were still talking when Geoff came over to my house about 30 - 45 minutes later. Christie finally got to meet Geoff, she says she loves him and totally approves. We were talking to Geoff for a while, and he seemed friendly and wanting to talk to her/us, but just kind of weird. Finally I was like "wait, what took you so long?" and he showed us he had bought ice cream... I ruined his little surprise! Oh boo to me. Oh well... I did laundry and packed and he read Sports Illustrated online and then we had ice cream and chatted. It was a lovely evening.

Okay, to reward you for getting through all of that, here is something funny. I was in a phone meeting this morning and this finance guy gave this total random number about something... and then the guy who was running the meeting said "wow, did you have to stand up to pull that one out?" OH MAN that was sooooo freaking funny. I love it. :)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! I love ya!

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