Monday, May 08, 2006

The Weekend Update!

Alright, here's what happened...

Thursday: First I had my class at the gym... oh how I love that class. I love my teacher and how she pushes us and it just kicks my butt every time. She is good! Then I had book club... SERIOUSLY one of my favorite days of the month, every month! It was really good this time, we were at the host's beautiful new house and it was just gorgeous and we stayed for a long time and it was so fun. Then Kristie dropped me back off at Geoff's and I watched House with everyone. Woo hoo.

Friday: Cinco de Mayo! Kristie and I met up with some girls downtown... like 20 girls! That was a hoot... these are girls that picked Kristie up at Winter BrewFest downtown in January. They got her number and invited her to this deal every month, this is the second time I've gone. It's great cause they are non-Intel and they are just a lot of fun to be around. Totally diverse group. So that was a good time as always. We went to Oba and then to Henry's. Then Kristie and I decided to get a couple of bottles of wine and go stalk Geoff and Eric's house and wait for their men's meeting to get over. So that's just what we did. When it was over we busted in and hung out with the guys... I don't think they were quite as excited about it as we were... ;-) Oh well. Kristie and I had fun at least. Eric too. Probably not Sleepy Geoff...

Saturday: Slept late, but that's when I always get my sleep for the week... Saturday mornings! I got up around 11, ate a little something, and then rested until 12:30 when I got up and ran. I ran 10 miles so it took me until about 2:45. Then I showered and went to get some Chipotle... yum. I heart the Chipotes. Then Geoff was finished with work so I took a nap with him at his apartment, which was very nice. Then Geoff, Eric, and I all went to Geoff's brother's high school play - it was good but long! 3 hours long... yikes! Afterwards the three of us went and got some dinner at Shari's.

Sunday: This day had so much potential... Geoff and I were going to see each other alone for the first time in who knows how long... we were going to go to church, then breakfast, then do some shopping, then go to the Fiesta his mom had planned at his church (party and missions auction). But... Geoff woke up and was throwing up!! :( Which was very sad. We ended up stopping by his work to get some change for his mom for the Fiesta, and then dropping it off at work for her, and then we went to Geoff's and watched TV/movies and played on the computer all day. Even though I was really sad Geoff was sick, it ended up being okay. I really was excited that I got to spend time with Geoff alone, so it was nice in some ways. It obviously wasn't exactly what we expected, but that's okay.

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