Thursday, May 11, 2006

100 things about me... updated!

I was re-reading old blog entries, and I decided to update the "100 Things About Me" Post... since some of it isn't true anymore. :) (anything with a --> is the update)

100 Things About Me
1. I am very anti-pets (this stems from being allergic to most animals) --> really only semi-anti-pets now... I'm not allergic to dogs anymore and they're totally growing on me!
2. I'm a Christian (and I will never forget all of the God-talk Jenni and I had during tennis sophomore year of high school)
3. I like martinis... my favorites are cosmos and apple, or any from Portland City Grill
4. I adore red wine, especially since I've moved to Portland. --> I have even joined a vineyard now... I love going wine tasting. :)
5. I was a cheerleader in high school.
6. I've lived in Houston, Chicago, Iowa City, and Portland
7. I'm a fifth-generation Texan, my great-great-grandfather was even a judge in the REPUBLIC of Texas.
8. I like preppy clothes... Banana Republic and J Crew are my faves. --> Sort of true... my favorite thing to wear is really polo shirts, jeans, and flip flops. Just boring!
9. I'm a Republican, but a very liberal Republican.
10. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie.
11. I went to Florida for spring break every year from kindergarten to sophomore year of high school except two.
12. I love playing X Box, but I only have 3 games and they're all at least 3 years old. --> I got a 4th! Dance Dance Revolution! I really rarely play X Box though, but it's fun!
13. I have learned, especially recently, that I know myself VERY VERY well, better than most. --> I don't know if I know myself better than most, but I do know myself well.
14. I love camping... both real camping and the "go to an RV park" kind.
15. I love Chinese food, but I really think Thai is the new Chinese. --> Oh man I LOVE Thai food!!
16. I met James Van Der Beek when I was 17.
17. I'm obsessed with reading the message boards at Not the wedding related (WR) stuff, but the NWR postings on the Planning and Ettiqutte (P&E) board. They're all about the acroymns on the knot. --> Yup, pretty much still love the Knot, but I am fasting from it for the rest of the month of May actually.
18. I get irritated when people use bad grammar, and even more irritated when they spell grammar grammer.
19. My favorite movie is The Saint.
20. I really love TV shows on DVD, even though they're probably one of the more pointless things in life. I need to get the new Tivo that is $400 but lets you record all of your Tivoed shows on DVD.
21. I've been driven in a stretch Hummer limo to many places in Chicago.
22. I was on the park district swim team from 5 - 8th grade.
23. I was "supposed" to be a lawyer, everyone else in my family is.
24. I love how close my sister and I are becoming. --> Awesome!! We have become really close, and it's amazing.
25. I really like living alone, but even more than that I like having the "right" roommate... Michelle, Dena, Addy... I've been lucky roommate wise. :-) --> Brad is cool too!
26. I have been to 49 states. --> Never been to Vegas though, but that's changing tonight!
27. Breakfast food is one of my favorite types of food, especially at Walker Brothers in Chicago. --> and Hales in Portland!
28. I worked at a store called Card and Party Outlet for 3 years in high school.
29. I love technology.
30. I don't believe in love at first sight. --> But pretty soon after that!
31. Lately I much prefer buying stuff for my house than new clothes.
32. I want to run a half-marathon one day. --> Are you kidding me?!?! One day is in 30 days!!!! I didn't even know I had this goal, and now I'm going to do it? I guess I'm now saying I want to run a marathon one day!
33. I've wanted to get my tounge pierced since freshman year of college.
34. I've been in and out of love... but it's debatable about how many times.
35. I have Crohn's Disease.
36. I was a big fan of the 90's Chicago Bulls. Fair weather fan, if you will.
37. I love SUVs.
38. I absolutely adore my apartment. --> I absolutely adore my HOUSE.
39. I thrive on being around other people.
40. I have never been skinny dipping.
41. I like Chris Tomlin way too much, but not for the reasons you'd think.
42. My mom is the person I'm closest to in my life. --> Geoff is now...
43. I can't STAND Oregon drivers.
44. I was a big fan of Hello Kitty in 7th grade when it was popular.
45. I've owned 2 cars. ('Scort and Jake)
46. Greek IV was by far my favorite college activity.
47. I had a crush on Joey Larocca from 5th grade probably through the end of high school.
48. I've never done a "beer bong" or "keg stand", but that shouldn't surprise you.
49. I love my major - industrial engineering.
50. My second cousin is an identical twin who has a set of identical twins and a set of fraternal twins.
51. The number one place I'd like to visit is Thailand. (woah, Jenni, that is so weird... maybe we should go together!)
52. I was a lifeguard one summer, and hated it even though I had wanted to be a lifeguard for about 10 years.
53. I did the best in my class on almost all of the simulators in drivers ed, including the stick shift one.
54. I know nothing about wine, and only what Vinnie has taught me about beer, which is enough to get by. --> I know some stuff about wine now!!!
55. I was in a sorority with 100 girls.
56. I'm actually really shy, although most people don't believe that.
57. I love bike riding. --> I need to buy a bike, because I want to do a triathalon!
58. I don't like shopping with other people.
59. I spend hours at the library and bookstores. I got in trouble for staying up late at night to read when I was younger.
60. My parents just celebrated their 25 year wedding anniversary. --> Well, 26 and a half years now.
61. When I start dating someone, I tend to fall very hard and fast.
62. My favorite TV show of all time is Friends.
63. I love brain teasers.
64. I might get my MBA one day.
65. I'm probably much too reflective of a person.
66. My favorite dessert is cake. --> chocolate cake, if you will. ;)
67. I played the flute for 8 years and took private lessons. Since college I've played only a few times, except when I was in orchestra at church last year. My flute actually is in Oregon with me though.
68. I love skiing.
69. I hate Arizona. (Don't hate, Hart)
70. I think any city smaller than Chicago is too small... so much for Portland
71. I have 20-15 vision or something like that, but I wear glasses with just prisms in them for when my eyes get tired (I have some weird muscle thing that I don't really understand)
72. I have never had a cavity.
73. Chipotle is my favorite fast food.
74. I have never been overseas, but I've been to Mexico several times and 3 Canadian provinces. --> I have been to Spain and Belgium now!!!! :)
75. I love waterparks and amusement parks.
76. I like going for random drives.
77. The three food establishments I miss most: Panera, Steak & Shake, and Noodles. --> OMG Noodles is coming to Portland!!
78. I've been climbing and repelling thanks to gym class in high school. --> Yeah, that and the fact that I go to indoor rock gyms, took a mountaineering class, and have summitted several mountains!
79. I call one set of grandparents Mimi and Gaggy and the other Mommom and Poppy.
80. I sleep in a queen size bed.
81. I have two ear piercings in my left ear and one in my right.
82. I love water sports, but don't get to do them enough.
83. I would rather have the internet than cable or a dishwasher.
84. I really love cooking, but it's no fun to cook for yourself. --> I hate cooking. Who am I kidding?
85. My current favorite three shows are ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The OC, and 7th Heaven. WHAT? Seriously though, 7th Heaven is my new addiction. I don't even like TV that much but Tivo makes you watch more TV, and it's nice to chill for the hour or so I have between sleeping and work. --> My favorite shows now are probably 24, House, and The OC
86. My favorite vacation of all time was to Yellowstone. --> My favorite vacation of all time was DEFINITELY to Cabo last year!!
87. I really want to go on an Alaskan cruise.
88. I get my hair cut sporadically on a whim, never planned out ahead of time.
89. I love my birthday probably more than any holiday.
90. I would rather be cold than hot.
91. I'm very hardcore about God and what I like to call my "personal relationship with Jesus", but I can't stand the terms 'devout' or 'religion' (and even 'Christian' is questionable... too much negative connotation).
92. I've had my heart broken.
93. I started as a computer engineering major in college.
94. I tend to find happiness no matter what the circumstances, where I am, or who I'm with.
95. I was never grounded or given detention.
96. I have a good relationship with my parents and family.
97. I got waitlisted to Duke.
98. JetBlue is my favorite airline.
99. I loved my internship with UPS.
100. Vinnie and I broke up tonight. Way to sneak that in there, huh? But yes, I'm okay, blah blah blah... I'll be fine. It's a long story, and I'm sure I'll post it, or at least parts of it, tomorrow. It kind of came out of nowhere, neither of us expected it, but I'm not that surprised by it in a lot of ways. Again, I'll explain tomorrow. --> I have the most fabulous boyfriend in the world. :)

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Jenni said...

I do want to go to thailand! I'm starting to get used to flights around the US taking much longer than I was used. My flight to California is going to take 8 hours from Boston. 8 hours!!! That was a flight to London from Chicago. I think (hopefully) that will make me take more international trips.