Friday, May 19, 2006

Date Night!

Ya know, I've had this blog for two years? It's pretty fun reading back on the old entries. Wow, 1/12 of my life I've been blogging. Awesome... 20 more years to go and it will be half my life!

Yesterday after work I went and met Geoff at Chipotle for a few minutes while he had lunch, and then I went home and napped for like 2 hours! Tried to nap anyway, it didn't work out so well but what can you do? I have really been having a hard time sleeping lately, it's super annoying! I used to have a hard time sleeping quite often but the last few years I haven't so much so it's weird. Grrr. Anyway, then I woke up and did a few things online and had a nice bit of Quiet Time with God, it had been a few days so it was very much needed! Then I took a shower -- remember I had that mole surgery thing Tuesday so this was my first shower since Monday. DUDE it was an awesome shower. My hair was disgustingly dirty before that and it was so nice to take a shower and get cleaned up! Oh man it felt good. Then I got all pretty... girls, you will relate to this... you know how sometimes you can do all of the same stuff and you just look different? Last night I had one of those nights where you just feel like you look really great, which was exactly what I was hoping for but not expecting! So then I went and picked Geoff up at 8:45 (we've been planning this date since May 2nd, but it turned out he had to work late that night because of some dumb work stuff that's been happening). He looked fabulous... we were quite the cute combo last night! I wish I had pictures, but someone (ahem ERIC) wasn't at home to take them of us. Just kidding. :)

So then we drove downtown to the Melting Pot and just had a fabulous lovely dinner. I won't bore you with the details, but it was definitely the best, nicest, most romantic and intimate date we've had. It was only our 3rd actual date date (which is hysterical for dating for 2 months and seeing each other every day during that time) but it was fabulous. We had a great server (Robbie) and bartender (Doug). Woo hoo for that. Then we went to his house and chatted about a lot of stuff -- it was cool, there were some things that I've been feeling and thinking about lately that I didn't think he was, and he was TOTALLY right there with me. That definitely reassured me and made me feel better and just totally relaxed and at ease with everything. Ahhhh, love... :)

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