Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hand-holding Envy

I've told that story about the little girl holding my hand to a couple of people, and it seems like people wanna get their own hand holding stories in. Patrick commented "When i was like 6 i went to Ohare with my dad because he worked there and I toured the airport. When we were walking out, I was holding the hand of some random dude I thought was my dad til i realized my dad was walking next to me on my left. it was weird, perhaps he was trying to kidnap me. but my dad was like yo why you taking my kid." And my sister said "a little girl threw sand at me the other day at the beach, and then came and sat next to me. Does that count?" Yeah, I guess so.

For the record, I wasn't trying to kidnap anyone!

Shout-out to Jenni and Patrick who are reading and commenting!

So I got this sketchy postcard in the mail from what looks like my high school, saying they are creating an alumni directory and to please call them to verify my information. My mom had already told me that my sister got one, so I called them up yesterday. First of all, it was clearly some sort of company that may or may not have been contracted by my high school to get the information. The guy kept pronouncing the name of my high school wrong, and then he would like throw in the name of my high school mascot which just made things weird! So he gets all of my info, including work info and email address... and then asks if I would like to reserve my hard-cover copy of this book that will have information from 1907 - 2006 including pictures. I was like "uhhh how much dollas this gonna cost me?" and he's all "oh, it's just two easy payments of $49.99". WTF?! When did this become an infomercial? I was like "uhhh no thanks". He was like "well how about the soft cover? It's 10 dolla less and ya gotta keep track of your friends". Yeah, I do buddy... thanks but no thanks, I'll pocket the $90 and send my friends a postcard instead. Iffy at best.

Last night I SKIPPED A RUN. I don't remember the last time this happened, at least not without good reason and not without the ability to make it up later in the week. I don't have time to make it up later, and I took a NAP instead. What a scandal. I love it. Since I'm going to Vegas in two days this is going to be a low mileage week anyway, so whatever. It was fun!

I went to Carlyle, a quite yuppie (yuppy or yuppie??) restaurant in NW Portland last night with Andy (with Andy last night would probably be/sound more correct). Anyway, they have $1 martinis with the purchase of an appetizer on Monday nights - 1 appetizer = 1 $1 martini. So we each had an appetizer and a drink. DUDE! I have never had a regular martini before... wow. Strong. But good, and I had a burger that was pretty tasty. I would go there again. Then we went to Oba! because they have $3.75 drinks during happy hour, but only during their EARLY happy hour. Sad. But I still had their queso dip... DUDE I think that is my new favorite food. It is going to be my downfall. I think I need to go on strike from french fries for the rest of the month too... they are bad Bad BAD! But yeah, so we had a couple of drinks there and chatted it up and just had a grand old time!!!

I was telling Geoff that I was going to this place and then for some reason I thought of fondue. I told him that I'm going to take him out for fondue sometime, and he said "I love fondue!"
I said "Not as much as meee!! I actually own 2 fondue pots too."
He said "That's cuz you have more money than you know what to do with. How many times do you actually make fondue then?"
I said "Meany! I only bought one, one was a gift. And you know me too well. And I do NOT have that much money!"
He said "Ha! Thought so. We should actually make fondue some night. That would be good."
I said "I love that you know me so well. We can make fondue whenever you want."
He said "How do you think I know you so well?"
I said "I don't know why, but I know you do. You were so right about never using the fondue pots"
He said "Well that was an easy call. My guess is that they are still in the boxes somewhere too, or in a cupboard way in the back."
I said "Yeah you know me too well."

Totally busted. In my defense, I have used one of my fondue pots once, and the other one I only got for my birthday in February. So they're not totally useless. Andy has two fondue pots, and he's never used either one! He says it's a yuppy thing to have fondue pots... but I don't know about the never using them part.

See, now that blog was better. Still told you the story of what I did yesterday, but I made it (in my opinion) much more entertaining.

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