Thursday, May 18, 2006

And this week's update too!

So Monday I worked from home half the day... I had one meeting in the morning and then I went home. That was a mistake work-wise... I have a lot of reporting type stuff that I do on Mondays and it was SUPER slow doing it on the wireless! ARGH! But it was cool because Geoff had the day off so he was at my house watching TV while I was working. I left work because I had to go to the DMV... Geoff went with me and I got the ALL TIME WORST drivers license picture I've ever had... BARF. Then Geoff and I went to Costco and got some lunch and met up with Eric so Eric could use Geoff's card. Then we went back to my house and I did some work... had a little temper tantrum cause I was all tired. Geoff said he had just been waiting for it all day, cause he knew I was tired. I was just SO frustrated from the slow work stuff... it took an hour and should have taken half of that! GRRR!!! But I snapped out of it -- that was good, I usually don't -- I we went to Meier & Frank so I could buy these new pants Carrie has and I wanted. Then we went to the POOL! at Geoff and Eric's apartment! This was the first time I've been swimming with Geoff, it was so much fun! Then we had a leadership meeting for our young adults group... Geoff had to leave early to go to basketball, but it was an interesting meeting. Frustrating in some ways, but I think it might have been the start of making some positive changes for the ministry, so that was exciting. After the meeting, Eric and I went out for ice cream, which was awesome. We got to catch up and I shared a lot of stuff with him. We have a really great relationship! Geoff joined us after basektball and we pretty much just told him that we'd been talking about him all night, which was true. Eric asked very direct questions about the nature of my relationship with Geoff, and Geoff and I were totally honest with him. :)

Another cool thing about Monday night was that in the leadership meeting we were all talking about what God has been doing in our life lately. I said that I thought God had been molding me lately... like when I had my little work temper tantrum, normally I would have stayed in a funk. But God has been helping me get out of those things lately. Geoff said that God is teaching him stuff about timelines... like work related and personal life. After we had ice cream with Eric, we spent some time talking about that stuff -- and realized how much it overlaped! When God is molding me, he has generally been molding me for Geoff... to make me a person that is even more perfect for Geoff. I always figured that I would have to eventually find a guy who could put up with my emotionalism... I didn't think that God would actually CHANGE my emotionalism for a guy. But Geoff thinks that God's been molding him for me too... giving him much more patience/tolerance to be able to deal with when I'm freaking out or upset about something. It was just awesome. As far as timelines, Geoff is waiting to get to be store manager which should happen sometime soon but he's having to wait. On the personal level... he told me he wants to be married to me, but he is having to wait because he really thinks it's not the right time yet. And I agree with him totally... I am having to be patient in the same sense. So it was just awesome and great to see how much it totally overlapped. Geoff is fabulous and God is VERY good to us.

Tuesday I had a mole removed... I had had it removed at a surface level about a month ago, but it came back abnormal (but non-cancerous) so she wanted to go a little wider and deeper in what she removed. I thought I wouldn't be able to run that day -- but it turns out I can't run OR swim for two weeks. Omg, I am going SO NUTS with this already. ARGH!!!!! And my half marathon is just 3 weeks and 2 days away... that only gives me about 12 days to prep for it before it happens. But what can you do... better to make good decisions for long-term health. And there have been plenty of other runners that have had health issues effect them right before races. It's okay, just frustrating. So I met up with Geoff, Eric, and Kyle at Starbucks after work (I worked about an hour late) and then Eric and Kyle had to leave so Geoff and I went to Best Buy and just wandered around before dance. Neither of us wanted to go to dance, but you can't miss a class or you get too far behind. We were both pretty frustrated during dance because Geoff hadn't been there and didn't know the steps, and I had been alone so I didn't remember the steps. We're both very competitive so we want to be perfect all the time, so we get mad at ourselves when we screw it up! So we were a little testy and left right after dance. No one came to watch House with us because we were being mean... mostly Geoff to be honest, but that was only because I knew he was more upset than me and we can't both be upset at the same time, so I had to just get over it! So Geoff and I got Chipotle and watched House all by ourselves.

Yesterday I did some laundry, cleaned my room, and took a nap before Quarterlife... yay! I love getting stuff done, it's the best! Then we had Quarterlife... this guy Matt Singley ( spoke and he is freaking AWESOME. I love it when he speaks, he is really cool and people really enjoy him. He also has Crohn's, so I like being able to talk to him about that! After Quarterlife I ran by Target to make a quick return since I was in the area, and then we went to Red Robin with everyone for dinner. It was pretty funny because we had planned on Chevy's... but everyone wanted Red Robin so there was an overtaking. I liked that, I like spontenaity! (is that spelled right? I don't think so). Anyway, it was cool. MAN there were lots of couples there! In the past few months there have been very few QL couples... 4 total at any given time... but last night there was me and Geoff, Carrie and Mark, Vin and Dominique, Vanessa and Scott, and Kyle and Jenny. Weird! And that was just at Red Robin... there were only like 6 or 7 single people there. Such a big change from the old QL days. But yeah, it was good. Then Geoff and I spent some time together going over questions from this book we have of questions for couples. :) We haven't done that in a while so it was pretty fun!

Geoff and I were SUPPOSED to have today be date day... no time spent with anyone else, which we have only done ONCE since we started dating (isn't that crazy?!). But he has to work late... we are doomed! Oh well. :) We still might go on a date, just won't be until 9 PM. The plan was fondue but that's awfully late to start fondue sine it's so slow. I don't know. In exciting news we are going to the coast this Saturday and Sunday so we will finally have some alone time!

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