Monday, May 22, 2006

I love Weekends!

Well, this was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time! :) Good times all around.

Friday afternoon I took a nap and then hung out with Geoff for a little bit... ahhhh good times. :) Then Addy came up, yippeee!!! We met up at Chili's for dinner - I ate too much. I need to stop doing that, I've been eating a lot too often lately. I was doing so well on the eating-train pre-Geoff, but I have gotten into a rut lately. BOO, need to break out of that. So after that, Addy went back to my house and looked at some stuff (AHEM Adds...) on the computer for a little bit, and then Brad called and asked us to go hang out with him, Kristie, etc. at this dude Wes's house. So we went over there and played pool, darts, etc. and just hung out. We stayed until like 2 AM which was pretty late cause I was soooo stinkin' tired! But it was a fun night.

Saturday morning I slept waaaay late and then went to Mexican food with Addy. Yummers! :) Then I got to sort my mail and stuff and pack for my weekend getaway with Geoff. It was good to get caught up on mail and stuff like that for once! Then Geoff came home from work and off we went to Astoria! When we got there we went out for this FABULOUS dinner at this place called Baked Alaska. We had spinach dip as an appetizer, then Geoff picked out this great drink for me, yum good job Geoff! Then he had ribeye and I had tuna. Ohhhhhh man it was so good. For dessert we had the half baked Alaska which was a cookie cooked in a skillet with ice cream on top and drizzled with chocolate sauce with brandy around the side (dude brandy is STRONG, yikes). Then we decided to buy Monopoly so we played that all night... I am the master of Monopoly so clearly I won. That made him mad because he is as competitive as I am, but it also made for a good game because we were both hardcore. We were trash talking each other the whole time, it was so great. And we were drinking wine which was fun too. I heart wine. Oh and we prayed together for the first time Saturday night so that was really special and wonderful! I have been wanting to do that for a long time and Geoff promised me we could this weekend so we did. YAY!

Sunday morning we had this FABULOUS continental breakfast - I had a Belgium waffle and he had biscuits and gravy. Yuuuuum. Then we went to a cute little Lutheran church in Astoria, it was great. Well, it was mostly great. It was fun at the beginning, but they were doing their confirmation so they had everyone give a little testimony... this one woman was from China and had moved here and went on and on and on (and was crying the whole time) about her story. It was sweet but she literally talked like 15 minutes. Definitely would NOT have happened at Sunset (my church). Anyway, then the pastor gave a sermon that I think I have heard like 100 times - the Bible is good, it is God's word, you need it, it will help you, yay. Wow, cynical much Kelly? Luckily it was short and sweet. I like churches that challenge me... but I also like going to different churches, so that was good. Plus we sang hymns which I like doing, it was great!

Then we went to the Astoria Column, which is the BEST view at the coast allegedly... it was pretty stinkin' awesome! We climbed to the top and could see everything. It would be even better on a totally clear day! Then we found the Astoria Sunday market and walked around there for a while... then we got some food and ate it up... yum, good times man. Geoff then talked me into seeing the daVinci code... he enticed my by promising I could have popcorn, that man knows me TOO WELL! I actually fell asleep a little at the beginning, so strange. I've never fallen asleep during a movie before (at least at the theatre). So weird. But it was a good movie, Geoff said it was much better than he thought it would be. Then we went to the outlet mall in Seaside on the way home. Geoff got chocolate covered espresso beans and a new NIV/Message parallel Bible from the Christian Outlet there. I am excited for that one... we chose it together because he didn't have the Message but I recommended that one because I have the Message Remix (with verse references) but wanted that one. So we will share both of them! Yay I'm excited. Then we drove back to Hillsboro and had a lovely dinner at Macaroni Grill. The best part was in the middle we saw LIGHTNING! And heard THUNDER! It was so sweet. But only for like 5 minutes. :( After that we went back to my house and watched the pilot episode of Alias together. And prayed together again! Geoff says we can pray together every night, yay to that. :)

So it was a fabulous weekend, lots of good (NEEDED!) couple time! It was so good. And now we're back to our normal week of being social butterflies... :) Geoff has basketball tonight, his brother's birthday party is tomorrow, Quarterlife on Wednesday, I have a Pampered Chef party on Thursday, Geoff has men's meeting on Friday... then Saturday will be wine tasting with his mom! :) Which will be fun... but do you see what I'm saying about no alone time? Sunday he is off until 5 so we'll be able to go to church and spend time together then too. Woo hoo, only one week "apart" this time. :)

Have a fabulous week everyone!

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