Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The omelet man

So, almost every morning I go downstairs to get an omelet for breakfast at work. I usually have meetings starting at 7 AM so I generally get to work a little early and then go downstairs to get my brekkie! The added bonus of going down before 7 is that it's ALWAYS the good omelet man. If you go down around 7:30 or so, it may be him but he may have already changed shifts with the not-so-good omelet man who doesn't cook the omelets all the way through, and that's just sketchy. So, this is just a shout out to my omelet man. I think I may love my omelet man more than my boyfriend. ;-)

Yesterday after work I went over to Geoff's and we took my car to go visit his mommy... I LOVE Geoff's mom, she is seriously amazing. We are going wine tasting over Memorial Day weekend, so I took her a map of the vineyards and kind of showed her the places I am planning on taking her. She was all excited, she asked if she could keep the map. Then Geoff and I went to Panda Express and then back to his apartment. He took my car because he was going down to SE Portland for a certification test for work and my car gets better gas mileage. I visited with Eric for a while and then it was time to leave for dance.

I get in Geoffrey's car... and start it up. Um, yeah. As I'm driving away, I realize the speedometer doesn't work. Neither does the radio, or the turn signals, or anything. Hmmm, fun. So I drive to dance sloooowly (it's not too terribly far away) and then ask Eric what the deal is! Yikes! Everyone's making fun of me for first of all driving Geoff's car, and second of all because I BROKE IT! But the odd thing was when I was turning it off, I kind of had to jiggle the key to get the key out, and the radio popped on. So I kinda had a feeling it would be okay after dance. More on that in a minute...

So at dance, I was all alone... how fun is ballroom dancing alone!? I had been giving Geoff crap about it all day, because our instructor is this goofy little guy who thinks he's funny but really is not. Example: "what's the difference between East coast swing and West coast swing? About 3000 miles... heheheh" It reminds me of my dad! But anyway, I danced with the instcutor and it was FUN! He was teaching me all of this new stuff and I got to be the person he demoed dances with and everyone clapped for me! Plus I got to dance with Kyle and Trevor which is cool too. Kyle is 6'5" so it was CRAZY dancing with him, yikes! So dance was much more fun than I had anticipated!

I get back in the car after dance and it was just fine... everything worked, which was good. So I drove to my friend Stacey's birthday party... it was fun! I'm going to Vegas tomorrow with Stacey, Carrie, and Katie, and we were all there. Woo hoo! We got Stacey a gift card to Tiffany's, she was SUPER exited about it. I got more detail from Katie on her relationship which was exciting... we're going to try to sit next to each other on the plane so we can talk even more, our relationships are very parallel to each other. The significant others were also all talking to Geoff about making sure he picks us up from the airport on time Sunday night, etc. They are all so protective of us which was great. It was just really cute. Fun birthday party!

Then we came back to my house to watch House and Boston Legal... this was the first time we didn't watch it at Eric and Geoff's. My Tivo was a big hit... everyone loved the "do-do, do-do, do-do" noises it makes. The guys were just having the greatest time with it. You probably had to be there but it was QUITE amusing!!

T-35 hours until the plane for Vegas leaves!!! :)

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