Friday, May 26, 2006

Productiveness, yay

Hmm, so I have nothing exciting to share today. I've been trying to make my blogs more about random ruminations than about my life, but today you get my life.

So yesterday I went to NW Jeep to get my oil changed quickly after work... then stopped by Starbucks to steal Kyle's keys to give him his skimboard back. He works at a SUPER busy Starbucks so it was a quick transaction, he gave me the keys, I made the switch, and then gave the keys back. Very Alias-like. :) Then I went to Target and got some cleaning supplies for my big cleaning extravaganza that Geoff and I are having on Sunday. Then to Home Depot to pick up some "celery sprig" green paint by Behr that we are going to paint the guest / baseball room with. YAY can't wait to paint that room! Then I went to Tracy's for Stacey's Pampered Chef party! Very fun! After that I met Geoff and Kristie at the gym and did arms and back... woo hoo for lifting when I can't run. And only 4 more days until I can run again!!!!

From the comments you guys have left me in previous posts, especially in 2005, I know you guys like to hear my heart in my blog. And I've always said that my blog shares more of my heart when my journaling isn't as good, unfortunately my journaling has been really great lately! God and I have been amazingly close. It is really cool the way God uses Geoff to remind me of Him, I love it! So yeah, nothing profound from the heart... but I am thinking about you guys and will try to come up with something for you!

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