Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday was ballroom night... what a hoot, I'm loving that class! We learned more of the swing, which means we know foxtrot and swing reasonably well. The 8 of us are thinking about taking a swing class this summer, yay! :) Then we watched House and then we watched Boston Legal, then Geoff and I talked for a little bit.

Wednesday was nap day... only I didn't really get much of a nap cause I was waiting for John to come pick something up at my house. After that I went to Quarterlife with Geoff and then we went to Chili's for dinner with everyone. Yummers. Then Geoff and I left early... scandal... (okay not really early but slightly before everyone else) and went to my house to talk.

This morning we have been told by at least 3 friends that we need to take more nights to ourselves, not be as social. That is hard for us because we both have so much we want to do with friends and activity wise (together and seperately), but we agree I think we need to be more aware of this. Interesting. Actually, a lot of Monday and Tuesday involves watching TV with people, so when new shows are over at the end of the month maybe we'll have more time to hang out by ourselves after basketball and dancing. But I love the friend time! Oh well, it is fun. :) The next free day that we don't already have plans for is May 18th... two weeks from now. Crazy. But that's okay.

I've also been super busy at work... 8 hours of meetings the last two days. I got one rescheduled today so I have some time to go for a run and have lunch, YAY. I can't wait. 15 more minutes until run time... woo hoo and stuff!

I miss how funny my blogs used to be. I'm not funny anymore in my old age. Go re-read spring/summer 2004 for a real hoot!

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