Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yay blogger is back!

Sad, yesterday my blogger was acting all funny and I couldn't post. And I was all excited to tell you that on Tuesday I DID officially get my stitches out and I was able to run Tuesday! I ran 2 and a half miles with Geoff and it was AWESOME. I loved every minute of it. I'm already back to my slacker ways and thus did not run yesterday... so I'm going to run today instead. The plan today is run during lunch, body works class after work, and swimming after class. Yeah crazy insane workout day. And I will probably love every minute of it. Well, that or hate it.

My friend Carrie and I email back and forth A LOT every day... we probably average 10 emails each (20 total) to each other each weekday. Yesterday I sent her a message around 11:20 AM and got nothing back the rest of the day. We saw each other last night and were both like "what happened to you?"! Apparently her last email to me didn't send so we both thought the other just wasn't replying. And we both thought about emailing the other to be like "you okay?" but didn't want to bug the other person. It was just pretty funny!

Geoff and I have this creepy thing where we will want to do the exact same totally odd thing at the same time. Last night it happened for the third time this week... it was about Dairy Queen last night. We were driving along and I said "man, I wish they would just build a Dairy Queen right there"... and Geoff yells "HOLY CRAP!" I immediately knew he'd been thinking the same thing, which he confirmed. But how WEIRD is that... who just randomly has this intense craving for only Dairy Queen, nothing else, at 10:30 on a Wednesday night that's not even hot out? At the same time as their boyfriend. We are scary.

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HMG said...

GP and I think the same thing at the same time a lot and I love it. I'm glad you're so happy. :)