Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Small children in the laundry chute!

YEAH, it's finally been done. I've always joked about putting someone down my laundry chute, and last night we finally did it! Taylor, Geoff's 13 year old cousin, not only went down but also UP the laundry chute. It was sooo much fun. She stood on the dryer, then on Geoff's shoulders, then pulled herself up and out. Then later she lowered herself down onto Geoff's hands... pretty much all by herself! She only let me hold her hands for a brief moment when she had to let go and was a little scared. That girl is so great!

So this weekend was fun... went to happy hour Friday, then Cars - GREAT MOVIE! Definitely go see it. Then Trevor, Geoff, and I went up to La Center to gamble... sketchy people man. Very sketchy. Saturday we watched Italy vs. USA, finished painting Addy's room, and then went to Vinnie's birthday party. Sunday we went to breakfast, then I did a bunch of chores, then we went to Geoff's parents house for a Father's Day BBQ. Yaaay I love campfires. We made s'mores and I made fun of Geoff's stepdad who calls them sh'mores. Who puts an H in there? Silly. :) It was good times. I actually took a poll on s'mores vs. sh'mores yesterday and then reported out when we went to Geoff's parent's house again last night. Then they made even MORE fun of me for being like Geoff's grandmother who loves taking polls. They're like "oh no, we've found Oma #2!!!" It was pretty funny.

Good times.

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