Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A rant and some other commentary

So, I applied for this American Airlines credit card a few weeks ago, because you got 25,000 free miles AND a free companion ticket as part of a promotion for their 25th anniversary. All is well and good, and I have great credit... but I get this letter saying they can't verify some of my information, so they need me to send the following: a current pay stub, a current bank statement, and an original copy of my home phone bill. The first two, no problema. The third request, HUGE problem. Not only do I not HAVE a home phone (really, who does these days?), but I don't get a paper bill for my cell phone. So I wrote them a letter and included a printout of my cell phone ebill and the other stuff they requested, hopefully that will be good enough. I was really excited about this card, so hopefully it works out! There was no phone number or anything to call which was disappointing, but oh well. What can you do? I don't like being discriminated against for being young and single though!

I email my friend Carrie probably 10 times a day, telling her anything and everything you can think of. A lot of times I think of something good and random that the blog readers would appreciate, but then I think it will be TMI for the general public. So I send it to her. Here's an example... we have free tampons at work. I think that is a huge benefit, tampons are expensive! Are you all freaking out though? We talk about a lot of other stuff though - pretty much anything goes and I LOVE it. I tell her everything about Geoff and everything else random in the world. Actually you guys should probably really appreciate her because it's preventing me from telling you a ton of gushy details about Geoffrey - barf!

I'm debating if I should go run or go to lunch with friends at noon. I think if my meeting gets done by about 11:40 or so, I'm going to do lunch. If it gets done closer to noon, I will go run. I'd REALLY like to go to lunch, I haven't seen a lot of these peeps in a while. But I love running too and I'm not getting to run much this week. Although I COULD run tomorrow and just do double workout (lunch run and after work body works class). Actually I love that idea! Hmmm... yeah, my schedule is open tomorrow. Maybe I'll make that magic happen. Still depends on when I get done with the meeting though. I definitely can't run after work because I'm donating blood this afternoon. Ahhh rough choices. ;-)

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Jenni said...

We have free tampons at work too! It's awesome.