Tuesday, January 08, 2008


So a couple of months ago Patrick introduced me to the SET Daily Puzzle. I MUST have had this card game as a child, because it seems so familiar. Patrick and I play every day and always share our times with each other (you get a time at the end when you complete the puzzle). Somewhere along the way, we came up with the idea that the "accepted" time is under 3 minutes. Anything higher and you are deemed dumb. A few weeks ago Patrick got a time in the 4 minute range, and was annoyed that he was dumb... I said maybe we didn't have enough data when we set the goal, and on average it really does take longer to complete it than we thought. He replied that "no, lowering standards is a problem all too common in America today. I must accept that I am dumb and work to improve it". (as funny as this statement is, it actually does have some truth to it!)

I was telling this story to my mom and Geoff over "winter break" and they wanted to try it... so they did - my mom got 19 minutes and Geoff got 21 minutes. At this time I developed a new "rule"... within the first 14 times (two weeks) of doing the puzzle, you are held to no "dumbness" standard, because you're still learning how the puzzle works.

I shared with my sister yesterday... she got 7 minutes on her first try, she must be a genius... although I got yesterday's puzzle in 52 seconds, so it was easier than others. Some really are easier than others. Today I got 4 minutes, 39 seconds - dumb. My sister got 3 minutes, 53 seconds today... in her two week trial period... she is a GENIUS!

Go ahead, try it. You know you want to!


Christine said...

Well put. :)

marisa said...

13 minutes ... your sister realy is a genius, and that is stinkin hard!!