Friday, January 25, 2008

Defining my world through potty thoughts

So I've been trying to figure out what exactly it is I'm trying to do here with my new "green" "hippie" "whatever" life... and I think that I can define it through balance. Here is my example using the toilet:

I read this morning about a guy who has an outhouse. I read his post about the potty house itself and why it's totally okay, and then I read how he uses it. Interesting. Not for me. Neither is the cloth TP I blogged about a few weeks ago! However, I'm totally okay with "if it's yellow, let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down". (hey, even Cameron Diaz does that!).

See! Balance. :)

Geoff summed it up nicely (thankfully, he's a man of fewer words than me... but who isn't?): "i think that what we are trying to accomplish is a more sustainable life. Which is a great goal.
again, there are some people that really take it off the deep end. like that guy that uses an outhouse. some consumerism is okay."

This is what the guy with the outhouse says about his life:
1) Off the grid. 30 years. Solar electricity
2) Limited power- house electricity has 4 golf cart batteries.
3) Composting toilet. Outside. (eew, you do that indoors!?)
4) No road to house. You gotta walk.
5) No running water in house. Water pumped by wind.
6) Showers solar heated; outdoors.
7) Heat with wood. One stove in house-..
8) Cook with wood 8 months, propane in summer
9) Most of our fuelwood now is from trees we planted
10) No refrigerator. 30 years. You don't need one either.
11) Big garden.
12) Eat locally when possible, not obsessive about it.
13) No pesticide use ever, gardens or crops; not even organic (ok, except a little in the outhouse and the greenhouse...)
14) Earth sheltered solar greenhouse (aren't they all solar??)
15) Shut up about it. Nobody likes preaching.
16) These are our choices- yours are yours.

My favorite part? (Geoff's too) - the last two points!


Anonymous said...

how often do you think he buys a new computer made from plastic ane mercury and other evil things to keep up with his blog?

themotherinlaw said...

I have a question. Are you unhappy with people who choose not to work and be with their families in general? As in, you believe it is 'insane' for a parent to choose to be a stay at home parent while the other parent works outside the home? Or are you just unhappy with those parents who choose to stay at home and then are on public assistance because of their choice? Thanks for the clarification.