Friday, January 11, 2008

Now Geoff is dreaming

I don't think Geoff has ever told me about a dream he's had before... must be because I've been remembering my dreams more lately! But today he told me about a dream he had last night: He was paying someone for a service and I apparently thought it was overpriced. I said "this is ridiculous" and pulled out a gun and shot the guy right between the eyes. After that I ended up in jail (makes sense) and Geoff and his brother were living in their parent's house (the parents were gone). Only a bomb had gone off in the house, so there was only a bathroom and they both had to live in that bathroom. The end.

More details (based on answers to questions I asked):
- He thought the service was a taxi ride, but wasn't sure
- He doesn't know what his reaction was when I shot the guy
- He doesn't know if he was sad I was in jail or if he came to visit me
- He doesn't know where his parents went or how the bomb went off
- Geoff thought it was extra funny that I said "this is ridiculous" because I apparently say that a lot

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