Thursday, January 24, 2008

I won!

I won the Nearly Impossible Question on the radio this morning!!!! I've written before about how I listen, and called in occasionally, but it’s become more fun with Geoff in the car with me! Last week the prize was tickets to Jeremy Camp, and Geoff and I weren’t that excited about those, so we felt kinda bad calling in to win, especially because a lot of people really love him. Well this week, on Monday, I knew the answer but decided not to call in because we didn’t want to win Jeremy Camp tickets. But the person that won on Monday won BLAZERS tickets, and they’ve been doing really well!! So Tuesday we decided to try harder… but didn’t know the answer. Yesterday we knew the answer and called and called and called, but it was busy. Yesterday afternoon we were like “okay, we have 2 more days to get this, we can do it!!” (the Blazers game is on Friday, so we knew they’d be giving away tickets all week) So this morning I got my phone all ready to go with the number programmed in and everything. I got in the car and they happened to be saying the question right then “the average woman spends $54,000 on this in her lifetime”. They said someone had already guessed makeup, but it needs to be specific. So people called in and guessed things like “getting your hair cut and colored”, “getting your nails done”, “going to the spa”, etc. They said no no no, but one of the guesses in that last sequence was very close! I could tell from their reaction to “getting your hair cut and colored” that it was along those lines… and Geoff was like “what about shampoo and stuff?” I was like “OH, that’s a good one!!!!” So I started calling immediately, got 3 busy signals, and got through on the 4th try. They picked up and were like “Pete and Brenda, nearly impossible question, good morning, what’s your guess?”! And I said “is it haircare products, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, etc.” And they said “YAAAAAAAAY you got it!!!!” Then they asked me my name, if I’d ever won anything on The Fish before, etc. And Brenda (the woman host) asked what the most I’ve ever spent on haircare products is… I said “you know, not that much, maybe $5”. And Pete said “I’m with you! A bargain shopper, I love it!” And I said “I sure am!”. So then they asked if I liked basketball and I said yes… and they said, great, because you’re going to the game! I know they lost last night in Hotlanta, but I think they’ll be able to be Houston tomorrow night at Fish Night! And I said GREAT!!! And they put me on hold for a few minutes (so they could go back to their show)… it was cool because I heard the whole show like 10 seconds in advance of what the radio heard… I kept saying out loud what they were going to say on the radio (before they said it) and was making Geoff laugh. So then my segment came on, and I sounded great! I was so pleased. Then after that Pete picked the phone back up off of hold and got my information and gave me information on how to pick up the tickets (since it’s too late to mail them). So we’re going to the Blazers tomorrow, yeah!


marisa said...

that's awesome!!!! congrats! i've never won anything on the radio - scott tries every once in a while for the "5:00 phoner" ... they always have some random question like, "when did you lie and get caught" or "most embarassing moment" that kind of thing. they really liked his story one time, but the next caller one-upped him. bummer!

Matt Singley said...

Wahoo! Good job!

themotherinlaw said...

Hooray for you!
I wish you HAD won the Jeremy Camp tickets though, because then you could have given them to your mother-in-law because she really likes him.

Have fun tomorrow!